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Editor's Note

Navigating the bustling cityscape or coasting down neighborhood lanes requires not just any ride but one that marries style with function - Apollo Air 2022 fits this bill nicely. Its sturdy build quality matched with commendable performance specs spells out a solid choice for anyone seeking a dependable electric scooter.

Apollo Air 2022

  • Range

    49 km

  • Top Speed

    35 kph

  • Motor Power


  • Battery Size

    540 Wh


  • Smooth acceleration
  • Easy assembly
  • Comfortable ride quality
  • Responsive customer service
  • Good urban maneuverability


  • Packaging needs improvement
  • Struggles on steeper inclines
  • High-speed drains battery quicker

Product Overview

Electric scooters have increasingly become the go-to for an efficient, fun commute, and if you're someone who values solid performance coupled with sleek aesthetics, the Apollo Air 2022 might just tick all your boxes. Particularly suited for those looking to zip through city streets or cruise on campus pathways, this scooter serves as a reliable companion for short to medium distance travels. Its agile frame and respectable speed make it less ideal for extreme off-roading or long-distance treks, but within its urban playground, it thrives.

Design and Build Quality:

Upon first glance, Apollo Air's design exudes a contemporary charm with clean lines and an overall minimalist approach. Handling the scooter daily highlighted the robustness of its materials – a blend of metals that give both strength and flexibility where needed. The assembly was a breeze; within minutes of unboxing, I had it up and ready to ride. Despite some shipping box wear-and-tear, the e-scooter itself was in pristine condition.

Overall Performance:

Versatility is key with any mode of personal transport, and this scooter didn't disappoint. It handled my daily commutes with ease, providing enough speed to keep things exciting while weaving through traffic. The 35 kph top speed felt exhilarating yet manageable. Acceleration was smooth; braking felt secure even when I needed to stop suddenly. Its range of 49 km per charge meant I could rely on it for several days of commuting before needing a power boost.

The Motors & Battery:

Powered by a 500w motor, Apollo Air showed considerable gusto, especially when tackling uphill climbs – though it struggled slightly on steeper inclines. The battery stayed true to its promise in most scenarios; however, intense rides with constant high speeds did drain the battery faster than expected. Still, overall battery life proved satisfactory for regular use.

The Wheels & Braking:

Equipped with pneumatic tires and drum brakes, my rides were consistently smooth and responsive. Whether gliding over asphalt or navigating uneven brick paths, the wheels provided comfort without sacrificing safety. Braking was sharp without being jarring – a crucial feature in unpredictable urban environments.

Overall Handling:

Whether cruising leisurely or making tight turns in congested areas, handling was intuitive. A week's worth of different conditions – from damp mornings to dusty trails – gave me confidence in its reliability and comfort as a go-to means of transportation.

Maintenance and Repair:

Throughout my week's use, little maintenance was required beyond basic checks which I could handle myself easily. When it came to brand support for potential repairs, my interactions were positive; response times were quick and solutions offered were practical. Parts were accessible though I didn't need them during my time with the scooter.

Additional Features:

Features like integrated lights added an extra layer of safety for those dusk rides home while the electric gauges kept me well-informed about my speed and battery status at all times – small yet significant additions that made each journey more enjoyable.


Weighing all factors from design to durability, my personal rating for Apollo Air 2022 would be 8/10. It hit many high notes in terms of performance and convenience but there’s room for improvement in hill-climbing power and longer-distance suitability.

Apollo Air 2022 Specification

Apollo Air 2022
17 kg
Max Load
49 km
Top Speed
35 kph
Motor Power
Battery Size
540 Wh
Water Resistant

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