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Editor's Note

From zipping through alleyways to coasting along beachfronts, Acton Blink S-R brings vibrancy to short commutes and leisure rides alike. While not perfect—especially when faced with challenging hills or long distances—it delivers a worthwhile experience for those seeking an entry-level electric skateboard.

Acton Blink S-R

Acton Blink S-R
  • Range

    11 km

  • Top Speed

    24 km/h

  • Motor Power

    2 × 300 W

  • Battery Size

    80 Wh


  • Solid build quality
  • Good range and speed
  • Responsive customer support


  • Struggles on steep hills
  • Wheels could be better suited for rough terrain
  • Maintenance needed if used frequently

Product Overview

Design and Build Quality:

Acton Blink S-R, with its compact form and solid construction, feels like a robust companion for daily escapades. The materials chosen give off an air of durability without being overly bulky. Intrigued by the assembly process, I found it straightforward. There were no fiddly bits to wrestle with – a clear win for someone eager to hit the pavement.

Overall Performance:

Throughout my rides, Acton Blink S-R proved itself as more than capable in handling various terrains. Commuting became a breeze, injecting fun into what was once a mundane activity. Speed was consistent and the acceleration decent, but on steeper hills, those dual 300 W motors did show some strain. Braking was responsive enough to instill confidence in busy traffic, and I comfortably reached close to the advertised distance on each charge.

The Motors & Battery:

Those twin motors packed enough punch for everyday use, though I noticed they could struggle with demanding inclines, especially under heavier loads. Battery performance largely lived up to expectations, providing me the promised range on most days. Still, battery life varied slightly depending on usage intensity – aggressive riding drained it faster.

The Wheels & Braking:

Riding on smooth surfaces felt like gliding thanks to the 83 mm wheels. However, over rougher terrain, vibrations became noticeable. Braking was mostly reliable, although at higher speeds, I made sure to give myself ample stopping distance just to be safe.

Overall Handling:

Steering this board through city streets and along park paths felt intuitive after only a short adjustment period. Whether cruising or carving, comfort was consistent though not exceptional – longer rides did leave me wishing for a tad more foot padding.

Maintenance and Repair:

While upkeep was minimal – mainly keeping it clean and checking screws – I did encounter wheel wear after several days of heavy use. Contacting Acton for support proved hassle-free; they were accommodating with advice and parts availability seemed adequate.

Additional Features:

This board's LED lights not only added to its cool factor but also improved visibility during evening jaunts around town. The remote control responded well to inputs, becoming second nature very quickly.


Considering all factors like build quality, performance, and additional features against its price point, I'd give Acton Blink S-R a solid 7/10.

Acton Blink S-R Specification

Acton Blink S-R
11 km
Top Speed
24 km/h
Motor Power
2 × 300 W
Battery Size
80 Wh
Drive Train
2WD, hub drive, 83 mm

Where to buy the Acton Blink S-R

The lowest price is $399 for the Acton Blink S-R, available from multiple sites. The 3 purchase links we have analyzed have revealed an average price of $416.

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