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Editor's Note

Exploring the urban landscape has been refreshingly convenient aboard the Voyager Dash Charge. Its solid construction paired with ample performance make it a trustworthy companion for city escapades. Although it won't break any speed records or conquer steep hills effortlessly, its reliability in what it's designed for—daily commuting—is commendable.

Voyager Dash Charge Commuter Pro

Voyager Dash Charge Commuter Pro
  • Range

    24 km

  • Top Speed

    25 kph

  • Max Load

    100 kg


  • Sturdy design
  • Good battery life
  • Easy assembly


  • Not great for steep hills
  • Can be uncomfortable on rough terrain
  • Abrupt braking at high speeds

Product Overview

Electric scooters have carved out a significant niche in urban transportation, and the Voyager Dash Charge is a testament to this rising trend. Catering primarily to city dwellers and campus cruisers, this scooter offers a practical solution for short-distance travel. Its compact design and decent speed make it an appealing choice for those looking to navigate the concrete jungle efficiently, while also evading the hassles of public transport or car parking.

Design and Build Quality:

First impressions of the Voyager Dash Charge are positive; its chassis exudes sturdiness with a finish that screams durability. Handling it daily, I noticed how well-thought-out the design was—streamlined enough to weave through crowds yet robust to handle urban terrain. Assembly was straightforward, making it accessible right from the get-go.

Overall Performance:

In terms of performance, this scooter doesn't disappoint. Zipping through busy streets felt exhilarating, thanks to its peppy acceleration. The 25 kph top speed is just right for quick errands or leisurely cruises. Climbing moderate inclines didn't bog it down as much as expected, though it's no mountain goat. Braking was reliable but I'd advise caution during high-speed stops as they require some anticipation.

The Motors & Battery:

The motor packed enough punch for daily commutes but didn't quite deliver on steep hills—this isn't your uphill champion. Battery life generally aligned with the advertised 24 km range, although heavy usage did see a slight dip in longevity. Throughout my week of use, recharging was hassle-free and I wasn't left stranded.

The Wheels & Braking:

Riding on various surfaces highlighted the importance of wheel quality. While smooth on pavement, rougher roads introduced discomfort—larger wheels could've improved this ride quality. Safety-wise, brakes were dependable but could be abrupt when applied hastily.

Overall Handling:

Handling proved to be nimble in tight corners and crowded spaces—making quick maneuvers was almost second nature on this scooter. Riding comfort was adequate for short trips; however, prolonged rides did lead to some stiffness in my stance due to the rigid deck.

Maintenance and Repair:

Fortunately, maintenance needs were minimal during my time with the Dash Charge. I haven't had to deal with repairs yet but from what I gathered online, parts seem reasonably accessible should the need arise.

Additional Features:

Having lights built into both ends of the scooter was invaluable during evening rides; safety should never be compromised for style or speed. Though not laden with high-tech features, its simplicity meant fewer distractions and more focus on enjoying my ride.


Weighing all factors—from build quality to ride experience—I'd give Voyager Dash Charge a solid 7/10.

Voyager Dash Charge Commuter Pro Specification

Voyager Dash Charge Commuter Pro
20.4 kg
Max Load
100 kg
24 km
Top Speed
25 kph
Recharge Time
5 hours
Hill Climbability
8 %
Water Resistant

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