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Editor's Note

Zooming around town or tearing up trails on the Teamgee H20 paints days with strokes of adrenaline and efficiency. It's clear that this electric skateboard shines brightest when carving long distances rather than showcasing tricks at a skate park.

Teamgee H20

Teamgee H20
  • Top Speed

    42 km/h

  • Motor Power

    2 × 540 W

  • Battery Size

    403 Wh, 315 Wh


  • Robust motor performance
  • Extended range capabilities
  • Solid construction quality


  • Stock wheels could be comfier
  • Top speed occasionally falls short
  • Sensitive brakes demand caution

Product Overview

Electric skateboarding aficionados, if you're eyeing a ride that melds speed with endurance, the Teamgee H20 might just tickle your fancy. This e-skateboard's profile suits those hungry for rapid commutes or leisurely cruises along lengthy trails. Yet, for folks yearning for a board to perform tricks or grinds, this may not align with your expectations.

Design and Build Quality:

Clutching the H20 for the first time, its robust build and weight are immediately noticeable – a testament to its 9.5 kg frame housing a substantial battery. Sporting a refined aesthetic with hub motors neatly tucked into the wheels, it radiates an air of futuristic efficiency. Setup was hassle-free; no puzzling assemblies here.

Overall Performance:

Ripping through the streets at a brisk 42 km/h (though my actual top speed hovered around 36 km/h), this beast's acceleration was impressive. Uphill treks were tackled with gusto thanks to its vigorous torque. Braking was responsive – perhaps too much so on the highest setting – demanding finesse to avoid any jarring halts. On average, rides stretched close to the advertised distance on one charge.

The Motors & Battery:

Motors showed no mercy when unleashing their power, offering swift sprints to max velocity with ease. Battery life didn't disappoint either; meticulous use got me close to the stated range before begging for a recharge.

The Wheels & Braking:

While exhilaration coursed through my veins as I zoomed down paths, the stock wheels transmitted every imperfection from pavement to soles, prompting thoughts of upgrading for comfort's sake. Still, braking reliability remained uncompromised regardless of surface unpredictability.

Overall Handling:

Steering felt more akin to snowboarding than skateboarding due to its heft and momentum. Initially tight trucks required adjustment over time for personalized control levels but beware of wobbles at higher speeds if you neglect this upkeep.

Maintenance and Repair:

Staying atop maintenance proved crucial for optimal riding conditions; thankfully, customer service was on their A-game when troubleshooting was necessary. Accessing parts wasn't an issue either – ample support from Teamgee meant less DIY fixes and more seamless riding experiences.

Additional Features:

Remotes have evolved nicely, now embracing USB Type-C charging and vibratory feedback instead of beeps, enhancing usability. Switching between metric and imperial on the fly catered well to my preferences during explorations.


My personal rating stands firm at 8/10. Why not higher? The expected wear on wheels and slight discrepancies in top speed keep it from perfection. However, range reliability and sheer power underfoot solidify its respectable score.

Teamgee H20 Specification

Teamgee H20 (9.6 Ah)Teamgee H20 (7.5 Ah)
9.5 kg9.5 kg
Top Speed
42 km/h42 km/h
Motor Power
2 × 540 W
Battery Size
403 Wh315 Wh
Drive Train
2WD, hub drive, 90 mm2WD, hub drive, 90 mm

Where to buy the Teamgee H20

The lowest price is $449 for the Teamgee H20, available from multiple sites. The 5 purchase links we have analyzed have revealed an average price of $520.

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