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Editor's Note

Swagger Pro has woven itself into my daily routine with ease – becoming more than just a mode of transport but an extension of my personal mobility. While not flawless, its strengths make up for its few shortcomings.

Swagtron Swagger Pro

  • Range

    29 km

  • Top Speed

    25 kph

  • Motor Power



  • Compact and lightweight
  • Strong battery life
  • Easy assembly


  • Not as comfortable on rough surfaces
  • Brakes could be more sensitive

Product Overview

Electric scooters have carved out their niche in the urban landscape, and Swagtron's Swagger Pro is a name that resonates with city commuters and leisure riders alike. Offering a balance between performance and portability, this e-scooter caters to those looking for a reliable ride without the fuss of bulky transportation.

Design and Build Quality:

Swagger Pro greets you with a refined aesthetic. Its matte finish exudes sophistication while the solid frame reassures durability. During my time zipping around town, the aluminum structure felt robust yet lightweight, making it a breeze to carry up stairs or onto public transport. Assembly was virtually non-existent – unfold, lock in place, and ready to roll.

Overall Performance:

Navigating through crowded streets and open spaces, Swagger Pro proved adept. Acceleration was smooth, making it easy to get up to its 25 kph top speed. The range held true to the claimed 29 km on full charge under optimal conditions – enough for daily commutes or spontaneous adventures. When it came to hills, the 250w motor didn't falter, handling inclines with grace. Braking was responsive; I never found myself in any sketchy situations due to lagging brakes.

The Motors & Battery:

Swagger Pro's heart beats with an efficient 250w motor that impressed me on flat roads and handled moderate inclines without complaint. Battery life was commendable; it consistently provided close to the advertised range, although heavy usage did see a slight dip – nothing unexpected though.

The Wheels & Braking:

Riding quality hinged largely on the wheel design – stable enough for most pavements but felt every jolt on uneven terrain. Brakes were reliable; however, a touch more sensitivity would've been ideal for quicker stops.

Overall Handling:

Whether weaving through urban obstacles or cruising along park paths, Swagger Pro felt nimble underfoot. The grip on the deck ensured stability, and steering was precise which added to the confidence during rides.

Maintenance and Repair:

Upkeep was hassle-free; regular cleaning and screw tightening sufficed. Dealing with Swagtron for a minor issue resulted in prompt service but luckily most concerns could be managed at home – simplicity is king here.

Additional Features:

Swagger Pro doesn't skimp on extras - an intuitive display kept me informed of speed and battery levels while riding. Safety lights were adequately bright for night jaunts around town, adding an appreciated layer of visibility.


Considering everything from design to ride experience, I give Swagger Pro a solid 8/10. It ticked most boxes for what I expect in an e-scooter - efficiency, comfort, and reliability being key contributors to my rating.

Swagtron Swagger Pro Specification

Swagtron Swagger Pro
29 km
Top Speed
25 kph
Motor Power

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