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Editor's Note

Riding the Megawheels S10BK reminded me why electric scooters have surged in popularity; convenience blended with fun creates quite an attractive package. While not without its shortcomings in power and comfort over rough terrain, for city dwellers seeking an eco-friendly alternative to public transport or cars for shorter distances, this scooter ticks many boxes.


  • Sturdy build
  • Good value
  • Built-in safety features


  • Limited hill performance
  • Range varies with speed setting
  • Solid tires can be uncomfortable on rough surfaces

Product Overview

Whether you're a seasoned rider or just starting to dip your toes into the world of electric mobility, the Megawheels S10BK has a certain allure. Casual commuters and weekend joyriders alike can appreciate its combination of simplicity and efficiency. But let's not get ahead of ourselves; while appealing for short urban trips, power seekers or long-distance commuters might feel left wanting.

Design and Build Quality:

Right off the bat, Megawheels S10BK impresses with a robust frame that feels reliable underfoot. The solid tires catch your eye – they promise durability but do make you wonder about comfort over varied terrains. No loose screws here, just one sturdy structure ready to take on daily use. Even assembly was a breeze: unfold, secure, and ride.

Overall Performance:

Navigating city streets felt like a breeze at 25 kph, though I noticed performance dips on inclines. Smooth on flat ground but somewhat lacking in hill-climbing prowess – that's where those looking for more might start to glance elsewhere. Braking is responsive enough to inspire confidence in urban settings, and achieving the maximum distance of 25 km depends heavily on riding conditions and speed settings.

The Motors & Battery:

With a 250w motor tucked into its frame, this scooter is no slouch on level streets but shows humility when faced with steeper challenges. Battery life hovers close to the advertised range in ideal conditions, yet high-speed jaunts noticeably drain it faster. In mixed-use scenarios, expect the battery indicator to dictate your pace as it depletes.

The Wheels & Braking:

Solid tires contribute to a less forgiving ride over bumpy roads compared to their pneumatic cousins. They do hold up well against wear and tear but don't expect plush comfort on uneven paths. Brakes responded reliably during my tests – an essential feature that never goes unappreciated.

Overall Handling:

For navigation through crowded sidewalks or dodging street obstacles, handling is nimble enough for enjoyable maneuverability. Even at my height (I'm not exactly basketball player stature), I found the ride comfortable, though larger riders might crave more deck space.

Maintenance and Repair:

So far maintenance has been minimal, which is always a bonus. Dealing with the brand directly wasn't necessary during my time with the scooter – fingers crossed it stays that way. There was no need for DIY fixes or part hunts either.

Additional Features:

The integrated lighting proved invaluable during dusky rides back home; safety isn't an afterthought here. While I'm not overly dependent on apps for my conveyances, Megawheels offers one that’s decent enough for those who enjoy digital integration into their commutes.


Balancing what I enjoyed against what I felt was lacking, I'd rate this scooter a solid 7/10. It's great for what it is – a basic but reliable mode of transportation for short trips or last-mile commuting.

Megawheels S10BK Specification

Megawheels S10BK
25 km
Top Speed
25 kph
Motor Power

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The lowest price is $279.99 for the Megawheels S10BK, available from multiple sites. The 3 purchase links we have analyzed have revealed an average price of $343.

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