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Editor's Note

Riding this scooter reminded me how striking a balance between form and function is crucial. For short city hops or campus jaunts where convenience trumps all else, Ninebot AIR T15E stands out as an attractive choice.

Ninebot AIR T15E

  • Range

    12 km

  • Top Speed

    20 kph

  • Motor Power



  • Lightweight and portable
  • High visibility LED lighting
  • Quick-folding mechanism


  • Limited battery life
  • Struggles on inclines
  • Rigid ride with no suspension

Product Overview

Ninebot AIR T15E scooters cater to the urban commuter who values a mix of style, portability, and innovative features. This scooter's elegant design is eye-catching, and its lightweight frame makes it ideal for those who need a compact option for the last leg of their journey or to navigate through campus grounds.

Design and Build Quality:

Upon receiving the Ninebot AIR T15E, its refined and minimalistic aesthetic immediately stood out. Crafted with a sleek aluminum frame, this scooter embodies modernity. Assembly was straightforward – it was pretty much ready to go straight out of the box. During daily use, this scooter's foldability shone as a hallmark of convenience, transforming into a compact package with just a click of the handlebars.

Overall Performance:

For quick trips around town, this e-scooter excelled. Zipping through city streets at a comfortable 20 kph felt exhilarating, yet when it came to hill climbs, I noticed a significant dip in performance. Braking was responsive though I personally lean towards traditional handle disk brakes over thumb-operated ones for that extra sense of control. As far as range goes, expect to get closer to 4 miles on standard mode rather than the advertised 12 km if you're like me and prefer not to dawdle.

The Motors & Battery:

Equipped with a 250w motor, the acceleration was modest – don't expect neck-snapping speeds here. In pedestrian mode, this scooter is certainly unhurried; even joggers overtook me! The battery life matched up with expectations in different modes; however, it did seem to deplete quicker than anticipated during extended use or when tackling inclines.

The Wheels & Braking:

Riding on smooth surfaces provided no issues; the scooter glided effortlessly. But introduce uneven terrain into the equation and the solid tires transmitted every jolt and bump directly through the handlebars. This necessitated heightened awareness and reduced speed for safe navigation.

Overall Handling:

Handling on flat surfaces was a breeze; however, brick-laid paths proved challenging due to the scooter's rigid structure and lack of suspension. In these situations, maintaining control required my undivided attention.

Maintenance and Repair:

Maintenance-wise, there wasn't much need for DIY fixes during my week-long test. However, in my interactions regarding parts availability and potential repairs, customer service from Ninebot was accommodating and helpful.

Additional Features:

The LED light strip is not only stylish but also ensures high visibility in traffic – a smart safety inclusion that integrated well into my nightly rides. The companion app adds value too with features like cruise control (when it works) though at times pairing challenges proved frustrating.


Considering all factors – design, performance, comfort – I'd rate the Ninebot AIR T15E a solid 7/10. It's not without its limitations but shines in portability and style.

Ninebot AIR T15E Specification

Ninebot AIR T15E
12 km
Top Speed
20 kph
Motor Power

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