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Editor's Note

Getting around town can be a drag—but not so with the FLJ I11 underfoot! This trusty steed turned mundane market runs into moments of zen-like peace amidst urban hustle. True adventurers might crave more excitement than what this model offers but rest easy knowing this scooter will get you from point A to B without breaking a sweat—or your wallet.


  • Range

    15 km

  • Top Speed

    20 kph

  • Motor Power



  • Affordable
  • Easy assembly
  • Low maintenance


  • Limited top speed
  • Less comfortable on uneven terrain
  • Compact foot space

Product Overview

Cruising through city streets or zipping past the urban landscape, the FLJ I11 is a companion for those seeking a compact, no-fuss electric scooter. Ideal for beginners or anyone who prioritizes ease of use and affordability, this little machine fits the bill for short commutes and leisurely neighborhood jaunts. While speed demons and long-distance travelers might glance over this model, casual riders will appreciate its simplicity.

Design and Build Quality:

Upon unboxing the FLJ I11, its sleek aluminum frame instantly conveys durability. Every component feels robust—rest assured, there's no cutting corners with build quality here. Assembly was a breeze; within minutes, I was ready to roll. Its solid tires caught my eye—maintenance-free and puncture-proof, they seemed promising for urban terrains.

Overall Performance:

Out on the road, performance was respectable given its 250w motor. Commuting to work was a joy: no emissions, no traffic jams, just me and my thoughts. Acceleration isn't going to set any records, but it's smooth and sufficient for quick errands. Braking is reliable—important when navigating busy sidewalks. And although it's not built for speedsters with its 20 kph cap, it climbs gentle inclines with surprising gusto.

The Motors & Battery:

Even at 240 lbs—a heft that often challenges electric scooters—I experienced no loss in oomph heading uphill. That said, don't expect to blaze trails or beat bikes off the line; this motor is about steady reliability, not raw power. The battery life stayed true to the promised 15 km range, ample for daily tasks but requiring a recharge for anything beyond.

The Wheels & Braking:

Solid tires have their perks—no flats here—but they do transmit more bumps and jolts than their air-filled cousins. While safety never felt compromised thanks to effective braking, comfort did take a slight hit on rougher paths.

Overall Handling:

In varied environments—from tight corners in alleys to open stretches by the park—the FLJ I11 handled with grace. Steering felt intuitive in both calm and bustling settings; however, extended rides did leave me wishing for a bit more foot space and cushioning.

Maintenance and Repair:

I'm all thumbs when it comes to DIY repairs, so maintenance simplicity is key for me. Fortunately, upkeep was minimal—a wipe-down here, a bolt tightening there—and I encountered zero issues requiring professional attention during my test week. When scouring online forums though, I noticed mentions of excellent customer service experiences with quick responses from FLJ.

Additional Features:

While light on bells and whistles, the essentials are covered. The throttle is responsive without being jumpy—a balance many scooters struggle with—and the battery gauge kept me well-informed on remaining juice levels.


Balancing strengths against limitations lands this e-scooter at a solid 7/10 for me. It's practicality and straightforward use shine; however, comfort on longer rides and thrill-factor could be improved.

FLJ I11 Specification

15 km
Top Speed
20 kph
Motor Power

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