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Editor's Note

What stood out most during my time with the Dualtron Spider was how effortlessly it bridged practicality and excitement. It's a premium scooter that delivers on its promises while maintaining enough agility for dense urban environments – a truly versatile ride.

Minimotors Dualtron Spider

  • Range

    67 km

  • Top Speed

    59 kph

  • Motor Power


  • Battery Size

    1050 Wh


  • Robust build quality
  • Strong acceleration and hill-climbing ability
  • Excellent range


  • Premium price point
  • Battery can deplete quickly under strenuous conditions

Product Overview

Electric scooters have surged in popularity, and the Minimotors Dualtron Spider is a model that's often caught my eye. Aimed at enthusiasts craving power and portability, this scooter strikes a balance that's just right for urban commuters who also enjoy the occasional adrenaline rush.

Design and Build Quality:

Upon unboxing the Dualtron Spider, its robust yet refined construction was immediately apparent. Crafted with high-grade materials, it boasts a sturdy frame that inspires confidence. Even after a week of traversing city streets, the quality was unmistakable. Assembly was a breeze – within minutes I had everything set up and was ready to hit the road.

Overall Performance:

Performance is where this scooter shines. Zipping through traffic, accelerating effortlessly, and conquering hills without hesitation – it never skipped a beat. Whether I was cruising to work or taking a spirited ride along park trails, the Spider delivered an exhilarating experience. The 59 kph top speed felt liberating, while its range proved reliable for lengthy jaunts across town. Braking was sharp and responsive; I could come to a halt quickly when needed.

The Motors & Battery:

With dual 1300w motors underfoot, power was always on tap. Climbing steep inclines often feels like a challenge for many scooters, but not for the Spider – it tackled them with gusto. Regarding battery performance, it largely lived up to expectations. Frequent bursts of speed and hill climbs did test the battery's limits, but overall life remained solid across varied conditions.

The Wheels & Braking:

Riding on pneumatic tires made navigating bumpy city roads much more comfortable than anticipated. They absorbed most of the shock from uneven terrain, making daily commutes less jarring. When an unexpected pothole did appear, the disc brakes acted swiftly to ensure safety wasn't compromised.

Overall Handling:

Handling this machine was like second nature; intuitive and nimble in tight corners or weaving through pedestrians. Dual rubber suspension played a significant role in maintaining comfort during rides across varying surfaces – whether asphalt or cobblestone.

Maintenance and Repair:

Maintenance was mostly straightforward, thanks to accessible components. While I didn't need to deal with customer service directly for any issues, I did notice parts were readily available online which is reassuring for long-term ownership.

Additional Features:

The integrated lights were more than just aesthetic; they provided ample illumination during night rides, ensuring visibility wasn't compromised. While not overflowing with extras, what it offered in terms of essential features served well in enhancing my riding routine.


Considering all factors from performance to build quality, I'd rate the Dualtron Spider an 8/10. It balances power with portability in a way few other scooters can match.

Minimotors Dualtron Spider Specification

Minimotors Dualtron Spider
21 kg
Max Load
99 kg
Dual Rubber
67 km
Top Speed
59 kph
Motor Power
Battery Size
1050 Wh

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