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Editor's Note

Minimotors Dualtron Raptor 2 is undeniably focused on delivering speed and robust performance in an urban setting. Its design accommodates thrill-seekers rather than comfort-cravers but provides enough practicality for daily use within city confines.

Minimotors Dualtron Raptor 2

  • Range

    59 km

  • Top Speed

    59 kph

  • Motor Power


  • Battery Size

    1092 Wh


  • Rapid acceleration
  • High top speed
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Low maintenance


  • Less comfortable on rough terrain
  • Heavier side for portability
  • Load capacity may be limiting

Product Overview

Thrill-seekers and speed enthusiasts, say hello to the Minimotors Dualtron Raptor 2. If adrenaline-packed commutes or lively weekend rides are your jam, this e-scooter could be your next best pal. But, if carrying heavy gear is a regular part of your routine, you might need to consider other options due to the load limit.

Design and Build Quality:

The Dualtron Raptor 2 boasts a robust design that screams durability. With quality materials that have weathered everyday use without a hitch, I'm impressed with its resilience. Assembly was straightforward – I was ready to hit the road in no time. Standout elements include the solid tires and dual rubber suspension which make for an undeniably sturdy ride.

Overall Performance:

Performance-wise, this e-scooter doesn't shy away from challenges. It's perfect for zipping through traffic with ease or injecting fun into a mundane commute. When it comes to speed and acceleration, it lives up to the hype – reaching top speeds with a gusto that gets your heart racing. Hill climbs? Like a dream! Plus, the braking system is reliable for those unexpected moments when you need to come to a quick halt.

The Motors & Battery:

Dual motors packing 3000w total power propel you forward like you've got rocket boosters attached. Battery life is true to spec, carrying me through lengthy rides without faltering. Even in scenarios demanding peak performance, the battery held its own commendably.

The Wheels & Braking:

Solid tires mean no flats – a huge relief for daily riders. However, I noticed they transmit more road vibrations compared to air-filled ones. The drum brakes bring peace of mind when it comes to safety; they're responsive and consistent in their performance.

Overall Handling:

Handling on this scooter is smooth sailing. Whether navigating busy streets or cruising along park pathways, it feels comfortable and under control at all times. The suspension absorbs shocks well enough, though rougher terrains can be felt due to the solid tire setup.

Maintenance and Repair:

Maintenance has been relatively fuss-free so far. When reaching out to Minimotors for guidance on tweaks, their support was helpful and prompt. While I haven't faced any severe issues yet, I appreciate knowing that parts are accessible should I need them down the line.

Additional Features:

Illumination from both ends ensures visibility during night rides – a critical safety feature that's often overlooked. Moreover, having electric gauges at my fingertips allows me to keep tabs on the e-scooter's vitals effortlessly as I ride.


I'd give this powerhouse a solid 8/10. It loses points for comfort over longer distances on uneven surfaces but gains much with its impressive power output and safety features.

Minimotors Dualtron Raptor 2 Specification

Minimotors Dualtron Raptor 2
22 kg
Max Load
99 kg
Dual Rubber
59 km
Top Speed
59 kph
Motor Power
Battery Size
1092 Wh

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