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Editor's Note

Exploring every facet of MetroboardX has been nothing short of electrifying. This powerhouse offers exhilaration on demand for anyone who dares harness its capabilities, proving itself both on the street circuit and off-road escapades alike.


  • Top Speed

    50 km/h

  • Motor Power

    2 × 3000 W

  • Battery Size

    LG MH1, 36 V, 16 Ah, 576 Wh

  • Max Load

    135 kg


  • Robust design withstands rigorous use
  • Exceptional power from dual motors
  • Trustworthy battery life adheres to specs
  • Comfortable ride across various terrains


  • Heavier build may not suit all riders
  • Parts availability could be better

Product Overview

Riding high on the electric wave, MetroboardX emerges as a thrilling option for adrenaline junkies craving speed and power in their daily commute or joyrides. Thrashers looking for an e-skateboard that can conquer hills with ease and deliver the rush of a 50 km/h top speed will find this beast up to the task. However, weight-watchers desiring a more lightweight companion might not be as thrilled with its 13 kg frame.

Design and Build Quality:

First off, MetroboardX's build exudes robustness, tailored for riders who demand durability. The blend of high-quality materials gives it a sturdy feel without compromising style. Daily use revealed careful craftsmanship in every inch, from grip to trucks. Even assembly, if you can call attaching a few components that, was straightforward and hassle-free.

Overall Performance:

Unleashing the full potential of MetroboardX during various rides, performance peaked with smooth sailing on asphalt jungles and off-road trails alike. Racing down streets felt liberating thanks to exhilarating acceleration and swift braking that never faltered when tested. Hauling up steep inclines became a breeze instead of a battle. With regard to distance, expectations were met beautifully as I glided through cityscapes without frequent recharge stops.

The Motors & Battery:

Equipped with twin 3000 W motors, torque was never in short supply. Whether starting from standstill or seeking extra oomph uphill, these motors delivered consistently. Battery life proved true to specifications across different terrains and speeds; longevity was reliable without dipping unexpectedly.

The Wheels & Braking:

Riding on varied surfaces highlighted how critical quality wheels are. Comfort wasn't sacrificed even when traversing less forgiving paths. Braking remained sharp and responsive, instilling confidence even when descending at higher velocities or navigating through bustling traffic.

Overall Handling:

MetroboardX didn't just perform; it was also a pleasure to ride. Comfort remained paramount whether carving city corners or cruising along boardwalks. Transitioning between different environments, from smooth pavement to more challenging textures, was seamless due to its responsive handling.

Maintenance and Repair:

Routine maintenance was simple enough for DIY enthusiasts like me to handle without special tools or expertise. When I needed support from the brand, they were accommodating and prompt in their responses—repair issues were resolved satisfactorily. Availability of parts had room for improvement but wasn't overly problematic.

Additional Features:

Incorporated features such as the quality remote control provided an extension of my riding intent with precision. Electric gauges kept me well-informed of my stats on-the-go—no surprises there—and safety features such as responsive lighting systems meant peace of mind during night rides.


After thorough testing and consideration, I'd confidently rate the MetroboardX 8/10—a solid score influenced by its unmatched performance balanced against its heftier weight and parts availability.

MetroboardX Specification

13 kg
Max Load
135 kg
Top Speed
50 km/h
Motor Power
2 × 3000 W
Battery Size
LG MH1, 36 V, 16 Ah, 576 Wh
Drive Train
2WD, belt drive, 200 mm

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