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Meepo V3

Meepo V3
  • Range

    11 - 20 miles (18 - 32 km)

  • Top Speed

    28 mph (45 km/h)

  • Battery Size

    144 / 288 Wh

  • Max Load

    300 lbs (136 kg)

The Meepo V3 is the perfect electric skateboard for riders who want to pack a ton of power into a small, lightweight package. With its powerful dual hub motors and top speed of 28 mph (45 km/h) on hills, you'll be tearing up the streets with ease. The Meepo V3's battery can go up to 11 - 20 miles (18 - 32 km), which means you'll get plenty of range before it needs to be recharged. If you're looking for an electric skateboard that can handle any terrain, the Meepo V3 is the one for you!
Meepo V3
16 lbs (7.2 kg)
11 - 20 miles (18 - 32 km)
Top Speed
28 mph (45 km/h)
Battery Size
144 / 288 Wh
Drive Train
2 x Hub
Air Travel Friendly
No (Yes)
Recharge Time
2 - 2.5 hours
Hill Climbability
30 %
Max Load
300 lbs (136 kg)
Reviews of the Meepo V3
Rated 3.9 / 5 from 6 Reviews
This board is affordable and impressively fast, but it falls short in elements such as uphill power and especially range
  • - 3.1
If you're in the market for an electric skateboard and speed and affordability are primary purchasing factors for you, the Meepo V3 is a good choice. At a fraction of the highest performing models, it offers great value for speed demons. Not surprisingly, with the phenomenal speed it offers, it does not have the most impressive range. We also found...
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Still the Budget Champ in 2020?
From the original to V1.5 to V2, Meepo’s ‘version’ lineups have always been the de facto face of budget electric skateboards. Judging from what we’ve reviewed and experienced though, we can see that the V3 is likely to carry that torch from the V2 and continue to be the most popular budget board in the community. With the improvement of the current...
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Meepo V3 Electric Longboard Review 2021
  • - 4.2
In terms of ease of use, this board is incredibly easy and comfortable to ride, with 4 ride modes to match your skill level. The deck is spacious and controlling the board via weight distribution is smooth & easy, with the remote aiding in controlling speeds, ride modes, etc. Truly a brilliant board & well worth the price....
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6 Things We Like ...And 4 Things We Don't!
The Meepo V3 is a high-tier favorably priced board. Without a doubt, a $450 price range is very reasonable for all the performance and tech you’re receiving. It’s safe to say, like the thousands of others who have purchased the Meepo V3, you won’t be disappointed. A speedy/powerful board, with a decent range that can always be upgraded, all at a mo...
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Meepo V3 Electric Skateboard (eLongboard) Review
  • - 4.5
Despite of being a Chinese brand (which sometimes is associated with low quality products), this budget electric skateboard is not the case. So far, this model is one of the fastest e-boards in the market (45 km/h) just by using hub motors. Power and torque is what the dual hub motors deliver. This is complemented by the different option in wheel s...
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Best budget electric skateboard in 2021?
  • - 3.8
The Meepo V3 is a fantastic budget electric skateboard. Meepo has over 30,000 riders in over 70 countries across the world and there’s a reason! Not only do they offer a 100% guarantee of all of their electric skateboards with free shipping to 60 countries, but they also continue to upgrade their features without raising their prices beyond the bud...
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