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Editor's Note

Living with Kaabo Mantis V2 for a week has been an adventure in speed and robustness; this machine stands out in delivering thrills without compromising functionality or safety—traits every rider can appreciate.

Kaabo Mantis V2

  • Range

    53 km

  • Top Speed

    64 kph

  • Motor Power


  • Battery Size

    1092 Wh


  • Exceptional speed
  • Strong build quality
  • Accurate range


  • Heavier than some alternatives
  • Ride can be rough on uneven terrai

Product Overview

Kaabo Mantis V2 is a beast tailored for the thrill-seeker and daily commuter alike. Riders craving speed, power, and reliability will find their match in this e-scooter. Conversely, individuals prioritizing portability or ultra-compact designs might consider other options.

Design and Build Quality:

Kaabo Mantis V2 flaunts a robust chassis that exudes confidence the moment you lay eyes on it. Crafted from high-grade materials, its frame can handle the roughest of rides. Streamlined aesthetics are matched by practical design choices like integrated lights, enhancing visibility for those night rides. Assembly out of the box was straightforward, allowing me to hit the road quickly.

Overall Performance:

On varied terrains, this scooter doesn't flinch; commuting to work was a breeze, with ample speed to make it fun yet controlled. Climbing hills felt effortless thanks to its powerful motor. With a top speed of 64 kph, breezing through city streets invoked an adrenaline rush like no other. Braking was responsive and reliable even at high speeds, offering peace of mind.

The Motors & Battery:

Dual motors packing a combined 2000w deliver torque-rich acceleration that's nothing short of exhilarating. Even during extended use across various inclines and surfaces, performance never waned. The 1092 Wh battery confidently pushed towards the upper limit of its 53 km range claim—a rare truth in the world of e-scooters.

The Wheels & Braking:

Pneumatic tires cushioned most bumps, but I did feel some jolts on particularly unforgiving paths—still, a small trade-off for the overall stability they provide. The disc braking system was both smooth and decisive, contributing to a safe riding experience.

Overall Handling:

Riding felt intuitive from the get-go. Dual spring suspension absorbed shocks admirably during my test rides in urban environments and light off-road conditions. Its weight did make quick maneuvers slightly more deliberate than on lighter models but also added to an undeniable sense of control.

Maintenance and Repair:

When it came to maintenance checks, everything was within reach and adjustable with basic tools. While I didn't encounter issues requiring repair during my week, research indicated parts are readily available—a plus for long-term ownership.

Additional Features:

Beyond its raw performance, the Mantis V2 boasts practical extras like a crisp electric gauge for monitoring your ride stats at-a-glance and safety features such as robust lighting both front and back—elements that seamlessly meshed with my daily use.


9/10 Factors influencing this score include outstanding speed and power, range accuracy, handling capabilities, and additional features that enhance everyday use despite its heftier weight.

Kaabo Mantis V2 Specification

Kaabo Mantis V2
29 kg
Max Load
Dual Spring
53 km
Top Speed
64 kph
Motor Power
Battery Size
1092 Wh
Water Resistant

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