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Kaabo Mantis Pro

Kaabo Mantis Pro
  • Range

    72 km

  • Top Speed

    64 kph

  • Motor Power


  • Battery Size

    1470 Wh

The Kaabo Mantis Pro is an e-scooter with a range of 72 km, a top speed of 64 kph and a motor power of 2000w. It has a 1470 Wh battery, weighs just 29 kg and can carry up to 118 kg. The Kaabo Mantis Pro is equipped with Dual Spring Suspension for a smooth ride every time you ride on it, disc brakes that can stop quickly in an emergency, pneumatic tires for stability, and both front and rear lights so you're visible at all times.
Kaabo Mantis Pro
Max Load
130 kg
Water Resistant
Recharge Time
13 - 16 hours
Regenerative Braking
Dual Spring
72 km
Motor Power
Drive Train
2 x Hub
Top Speed
64 kph
Battery Size
1470 Wh
30 kg
Reviews of the Kaabo Mantis Pro
Rated 4.3 / 5 from 4 Reviews
Kaabo Mantis Pro Review: Nimble 37 MPH Machine
The Kaabo Mantis Pro is one of the best electric scooters in the world striking the right balance of functionality, power, range, and weight. Priced at just over , it’s no cheap scooter; however, it’s probably the best value out there if you’re looking for a high-end beast scooter.
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Mantis Pro Review
  • - 4.2
The Mantis Pro can be classified as sitting in the upper tiers of high-performance scooterdom. It offers more pace and power than your average performance model but isn’t quite up there with the likes of the Wolf Warrior or VSETT 10+R. Fortunately, that’s exactly what allows the Mantis Pro to be available at a price, which for what’s on offer is an absolute steal. Ultimately, I recommend the Mantis Pro for anyone looking for a scooter that packs a powerful punch when it comes to speed and range. It’s also a great choice for casual riders looking to take a step up to something with a little more clout, or for those interested in making a hobby out of electric scooters.
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Impressive But With Some Red Flags
  • - 4.5
A few riders complained that after riding a few miles on the Mantis, they noticed the stem started to wobble. This happens when the stem's bolt gets loosened as the e-scooter is being ridden. If eventually you purchase the Kaabo Mantis Pro and experience such problems, it's best you stop riding as a wobbly stem might result in the rider losing control of the scooter. It's worth noting however that this isn't a general flaw as not all users have encountered this issue while riding their Mantis. But to be on the safer side, Fluidfreeride has put together a video on how to stop the stem's bolt from loosening due to vibrations from riding.
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Kaabo Mantis Pro Electric Scooter Review
  • - 4.2
The Kaabo Mantis Pro is the best electric scooter I’ve ever had the opportunity to try (and I’ve tried dozens). Not only is it incredibly fast, but the range is outstanding too, making this a behemoth able of conquering whatever you throw at it. The attention to detail, built quality and customization options using the Minimotors Display sets it apart from other scooters I’ve tried – even in this price range. If you’re serious about getting a proper electric scooter and you’re willing to pay some extra, the Kaabo Mantis is the ideal choice for you. I use it almost daily and it’s an absolute blast to get up on every time – I’ll never get tired of it. Thanks to FluidFreeRide for giving me the opportunity to test this incredible e-scooter.
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