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Editor's Note

Cruising through the cityscape on this e-scooter underscored its place as a trusty sidekick for urbanites looking to dodge traffic woes. Despite its shortcomings when facing steeper challenges or demanding prolonged use without recharge, it stood out as a steadfast ally in everyday commutes.


  • Range

    19 km

  • Top Speed

    26 kph

  • Motor Power



  • Ideal for short city commutes
  • User-friendly assembly
  • Lightweight design


  • Struggles on steep inclines
  • Limited shock absorption
  • Slower speeds against strong headwinds

Product Overview

When you first lay eyes on the GOTRAX GXL Commuter, you're hit by its modern vibe that seems to shout urban commuting. It's crafted for those zipping through city streets, navigating their daily routine with ease. If speed and a smooth ride rank high on your list but you're working within a budget, this e-scooter is a gem. On the other hand, if you're seeking an adrenaline-packed hill climber, this might not be your perfect match.

Design and Build Quality:

Upon unboxing, I admired the sleek lines and sturdy frame of the GXL Commuter. Assembling was straightforward, snapping into place without any hiccups. In daily use, the rubber grips and aluminum frame felt robust – a trustworthy companion for my urban escapades.

Overall Performance:

Gliding at a top speed of 26 kph felt exhilarating during flat stretches – that's where this scooter really shines. When it came to hills though, performance tapered off noticeably. The brakes proved sufficient but didn't wow me; they got the job done during unexpected stops. Range-wise, my treks were within limits; I managed around 19 km before hunting for an outlet.

The Motors & Battery:

The 250w motor lacked punch on inclines and gusty days could slow my roll. Yet, it maintained a consistent pace in most conditions. Battery life lived up to expectations mostly; I found myself charging roughly every four days with moderate use.

The Wheels & Braking:

Pneumatic tires offered comfort over city cracks and pebbles, yet I yearned for more buffer against potholes. Braking was solid but not spectacular – careful modulation was key in avoiding abrupt stops.

Overall Handling:

Whether weaving between pedestrians or taking sharp corners, handling remained nimble. Comfort was present in spades on shorter jaunts but extended rides left me wishing for additional ergonomic features.

Maintenance and Repair:

Routine maintenance was manageable; however, after experiencing a tire issue, I was relieved by the prompt customer service that provided a quick resolution. Spare parts weren't always at arm's reach but manageable to source with some effort.

Additional Features:

Simplicity ruled with the GXL Commuter – no extravagant bells or whistles here. The foldable design integrated seamlessly into my life, slipping into office corners and public transport with ease.


I'd give this scooter a solid 7/10 for its commendable balance of price and functionality while acknowledging its limitations in power and comfort over rugged terrain.

GOTRAX GXL Commuter Specification

19 km
Top Speed
26 kph
Motor Power

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