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Editor's Note

Riding through bustling streets and tranquil parks on the GoTrax Flex was nothing short of delightful. Balance between function and form here is struck masterfully – efficiency does not sacrifice enjoyment nor does style overtake substance. Key takeaways? This e-scooter excels in urban commuting with enough flair to make each trip enjoyable.


  • Range

    25 km

  • Top Speed

    25 kph

  • Motor Power


  • Battery Size

    281 Wh


  • Compact and easily foldable
  • Reliable battery life
  • Comfortable ride with effective suspension
  • Bright lights enhance safety
  • Responsive customer support


  • Struggles on steeper inclines
  • Seat stability can be improved
  • Occasional issues with tire accessibilit

Product Overview

GoTrax Flex - An Electric Scooter Built for the City Commuter

As a passionate advocate for electric mobility, I jumped at the chance to test the GoTrax Flex. Designed with city dwellers in mind, this e-scooter promises an efficient and enjoyable ride for those navigating urban landscapes. From busy professionals to college students, the Flex targets riders seeking a compact and eco-friendly alternative to traditional transportation.

Design and Build Quality:

Crafted with a robust frame, the GoTrax Flex strikes an impressive balance between durability and portability. Its pneumatic tires exude a sense of reliability as they smoothly handle city streets. Every design element, from the intuitive folding mechanism to the vibrant lighting system, is thoughtfully integrated, making daily commutes not only practical but also stylish. Assembly was a breeze, setting me up for a week of exploration without any hitches.

Overall Performance:

Throughout various city escapades, whether zipping through traffic or enjoying leisurely rides along park paths, this scooter didn't disappoint. Acceleration felt brisk without being overwhelming. While not built for speed demons, its consistent 25 kph top speed was perfect for staying within urban limits. Uphill climbs were tackled with determination thanks to the potent motor; however, steeper inclines did require some extra patience.

The Motors & Battery:

With its 350w motor humming beneath my feet, I found acceleration smooth and sufficient for most situations. Battery life was true to promise; I comfortably reached 25 km on a single charge during my daily routines. Scenarios that demanded more power - like steep hills - did see performance dip slightly, but overall battery life remained reliable.

The Wheels & Braking:

Riding comfort was heightened by the shock-absorbing capabilities of the spring suspension system. Maneuvering over potholes or uneven terrain felt less jarring than expected. Drum brakes provided controlled stops without any jolts or instability, instilling confidence during each commute.

Overall Handling:

Navigating through tight turns and crowded sidewalks showcased the Flex's dexterity. Steering felt responsive without being overly sensitive – a fine line that this e-scooter managed well. Even in varied environments like cobblestone alleys or wet surfaces, courtesy of IPX4 water resistance, I felt secure atop its deck.

Maintenance and Repair:

Routine maintenance was straightforward due to the scooter's intuitive design—no need for frequent trips to a repair shop. When questions arose about tire pressure or brake adjustments, customer support proved helpful and responsive. Parts were readily available when needed; thankfully, their need was infrequent.

Additional Features:

Key conveniences such as bright lights ensured visibility during night rides while contributing to overall safety. The quality remote control added an extra layer of security and ease when parking outside cafes or offices.


Given my experiences with the GoTrax Flex over an eventful week of use, I'd rate it an 8/10. Factors contributing to this score include its solid build quality, reliable performance across various scenarios and user-friendly features that integrate seamlessly into day-to-day life.

GOTRAX FLEX Specification

20 kg
Max Load
25 km
Top Speed
25 kph
Motor Power
Battery Size
281 Wh
Water Resistant

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The lowest price is $399.99 for the GOTRAX FLEX, available from multiple sites. The 2 purchase links we have analyzed have revealed an average price of $449.

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