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Editor's Note

Riding the enSkate R3 Mini consistently brought smiles and exhilaration to my daily trips around town. While heavier riders might find battery life somewhat limited, its capabilities as a compact powerhouse stand out among competitors. This board embodies urban electric skateboarding’s spirit with flair and muscle.

enSkate R3 Mini

enSkate R3 Mini
  • Top Speed

    35 km/h

  • Motor Power

    2 × 450 W

  • Battery Size

    90 Wh


  • Compact yet powerful
  • Smooth acceleration and braking
  • High-quality build
  • Excellent customer service


  • Shorter range for heavier riders
  • Light-feeling remote

Product Overview

Electric skateboard enthusiasts, if you've been searching for that perfect blend of portability and punch, the enSkate R3 Mini might just tickle your fancy. Particularly suited for urban riders looking for a lightweight yet robust board, this model is a commuter's dream and a fun-ride treasure. Now, while its compact nature might not be the best fit for heavier users expecting long battery life, it’s an absolute joy for those needing agility in the concrete jungle.

Design and Build Quality:

The R3 Mini struck me as a particularly well-crafted piece of equipment. Its streamlined form is both aesthetically pleasing and practical, slipping through cityscapes with ease. Materials feel premium, handling daily wear without a hitch. The assembly was straightforward – a relief for anyone eager to hit the pavement swiftly.

Overall Performance:

Zipping around town on this board feels like slicing through butter with a hot knife. Speed? Check. This thing caps at 35 km/h, enough to get an adrenaline rush without feeling unsafe. Acceleration is brisk; mind your stance or you might find yourself playing catch-up. Braking is smooth and intuitive – no jerky stops here. Range can be an issue for extended commutes but for short bursts across town, it's more than sufficient.

The Motors & Battery:

Those dual 450 W motors are beasts! They propel you up inclines that would make other boards sweat. Battery life does take a hit with aggressive riding, yet during my tests within the city limits, it held up commendably. Sure, it doesn't match longer-range models, but its power-to-size ratio is impressive.

The Wheels & Braking:

Rough patches on roads? The R3 Mini's wheels gobble them up without flinching. Grip is solid even when flirting with high speeds or navigating corners. Safety is paramount and I felt it with every ride; braking brings you to a halt confidently without the fear of being thrown off.

Overall Handling:

Carving through city streets felt second nature on this board. Its kicktail design affords excellent maneuverability around tight corners or dodging obstacles. Comfort-wise, I had zero complaints riding through varied environments - from smooth pavements to those not-so-perfect pathways.

Maintenance and Repair:

Maintenance was mostly a breeze; routine checks and adjustments were all that was needed to keep rolling smoothly. Dealing with enSkate's support was hassle-free when inquiring about parts which fortunately weren't needed often due to the board's durability.

Additional Features:

I'm particularly fond of the remote – ergonomic and responsive, much like those of higher-end boards from yesteryears. It may feel light but does its job without fail or interference which adds peace of mind when cruising at full tilt.


Balancing all factors – design, performance, and features against its minor limitations in range – I'd rate the enSkate R3 Mini an 8/10.

enSkate R3 Mini Specification

enSkate R3 Mini
6 kg
Top Speed
35 km/h
Motor Power
2 × 450 W
Battery Size
90 Wh
Drive Train
2WD, hub drive, 90 mm

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