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Editor's Note

Skateboarding enthusiasts will appreciate Aeboard GTR's dedication to power and performance packaged in a well-built design. While perfect for adrenaline junkies and commuters alike, attention to ongoing part availability is advisable.

AeBoard GTR

AeBoard GTR
  • Range

    32 km

  • Top Speed

    48 km/h

  • Motor Power

    2 × 1600 W

  • Battery Size

    518 Wh


  • Robust dual 1600 W motors
  • High top speed and reliable braking
  • Straightforward assembly


  • Ride can be less forgiving on rough terrain
  • Parts may have longer delivery times
  • Heavy usage significantly affects battery range

Product Overview

When speed and agility are top priorities for an electric skateboard aficionado, Aeboard GTR ticks a lot of boxes. This board's target market comprises thrill-seekers and e-skate enthusiasts looking for a robust ride with muscle to spare. Riders who crave a blend of urban commuting and high-adrenaline escapades will likely find the GTR's specs alluring. However, those seeking a leisurely cruise might consider its raw power more than necessary.

Design and Build Quality:

Aeboard GTR embodies durability with its robust design, presenting riders with an assertive stance and quality materials that can withstand daily wear and tear. The deck feels sturdy underfoot, providing that reassuring sense of reliability. Its grip tape keeps you securely in place during dynamic maneuvers. I was pleased by how easily it came together out of the box; assembly wasn't a chore but rather an initiation into the world of exhilarating rides.

Overall Performance:

Pushing the boundaries of my usual commute became habitual with Aeboard GTR's impressive speed capabilities. Reaching up to 48 km/h, this board isn't shy about slicing through headwinds or leaving onlookers in awe as it zips by. Its acceleration is responsive without being jarring—critical when navigating busy streets or showing off quick bursts of speed at the park. The brakes are equally efficient, giving me confidence in traffic or while descending steep paths. When it comes to range, the 32 km capacity meant I could venture far without fretting over the next charge point.

The Motors & Battery:

Dual 1600 W motors don't just whisper promises of power; they deliver with gusto. Whether tackling challenging inclines or accelerating from a standstill, I felt in command with unyielding thrust at my disposal. The 518 Wh battery held its own admirably across various conditions, aligning closely with advertised longevity, though heavy usage did put a dent in those expectations.

The Wheels & Braking:

150 mm wheels rolled over most obstacles without complaint, but vigilance was key as not every bump was handled gracefully. Braking was smooth enough for controlled stops yet forceful when necessary—a crucial feature when street skating amid unpredictable urban elements.

Overall Handling:

Navigating turns on the Aeboard GTR felt intuitive—like an extension of my own movements. It handled well on multiple terrains, from smooth asphalt to less forgiving surfaces where maintaining control was paramount.

Maintenance and Repair:

Keeping up with maintenance proved straightforward—the Aeboard GTR isn't high-maintenance by nature. For repairs or part replacements, patience was needed since availability varied and sometimes required extended waits for delivery.

Additional Features:

A quality remote control made commanding the board second nature; no fumbling or guesswork involved here. Electric gauges kept me informed on-the-go—a nifty touch that helped manage my rides effectively.


I'd confidently rate the Aeboard GTR a solid 8/10 due to its overall dependability and performance chops tempered slightly by maintenance factors and occasional wheel challenges.

AeBoard GTR Specification

Aeboard GTR
32 km
Top Speed
48 km/h
Motor Power
2 × 1600 W
Battery Size
518 Wh
Drive Train
2WD, belt drive, 150 mm

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