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Editor's Note

In essence, Aeboard AWD stands out as a formidable player in the e-skateboard arena. Its blend of raw power and refined control meets high expectations but may require concessions from those seeking lighter or more energy-efficient alternatives.

AeBoard AWD

AeBoard AWD
  • Range

    25 km

  • Top Speed

    50 km/h

  • Motor Power

    4 × 800 W

  • Battery Size

    452 Wh


  • Exceptional top speed
  • Strong motor power for hill climbing
  • Responsive braking system


  • Heavy compared to other models
  • Power management needed on long rides
  • Might be too intense for beginners

Product Overview

Riders who crave the thrill of speed and power under their feet, take note – Aeboard AWD hits the mark for performance enthusiasts with its adrenaline-pumping top speed and impressive motor setup. However, those prioritizing a lightweight ride for casual jaunts may need to steer towards different shores.

Design and Build Quality:

Upon first glance, Aeboard AWD exudes robustness with a no-nonsense aesthetic. Solidly built with quality materials, it's clear this board can take on more than just your daily commute. Even assembly, which often poses a challenge with lesser boards, was hassle-free.

Overall Performance:

Aeboard AWD doesn't just promise exhilarating rides; it delivers them consistently across various scenarios. Speedsters will revel in the 50 km/h top speed, while commuters will appreciate the smooth acceleration and reliable braking that make city navigation a breeze. With a respectable range of 25 km, most riders can enjoy substantial trips without the anxiety of a dying battery.

The Motors & Battery:

The quad 800 W motors pack enough punch to conquer steep inclines as if they were mere bumps in the road. Although this powerhouse offers relentless energy, riders should be mindful that such vigor could intimidate the uninitiated. Battery life stayed true to advertised figures but required strategic management during longer journeys to avoid mid-trip power shortages.

The Wheels & Braking:

Sturdy 105 mm wheels contributed greatly to a grounded ride feel, absorbing shocks from less forgiving surfaces. Braking was another high point – responsive and reliable – providing peace of mind when navigating through unpredictable urban terrain.

Overall Handling:

Maneuvering the Aeboard AWD felt intuitive after a short adjustment period. Whether carving down boardwalks or weaving through crowded streets, control remained comfortably in hand. However, its significant weight could prove cumbersome when carrying it over longer distances or up flights of stairs.

Maintenance and Repair:

Maintenance seemed straightforward enough for anyone familiar with e-skateboard upkeep. While I didn't experience major issues during my testing phase, sourcing parts didn't pose any challenges due to adequate availability. Dealing with the brand for queries was generally positive as they appeared receptive and helpful.

Additional Features:

Integrations like a quality remote control added convenience to every journey, offering precise command over the board's various capabilities. Electric gauges provided real-time data that kept me informed about the board's status – an often underestimated yet vital feature for avid riders.


Considering all factors from design to performance, I'd rate the Aeboard AWD at a strong 8/10. It excels in providing thrilling rides with solid handling but falls slightly short in portability and energy efficiency for extended use cases.

AeBoard AWD Specification

Aeboard AWD
12.5 kg
25 km
Top Speed
50 km/h
Motor Power
4 × 800 W
Battery Size
452 Wh
Drive Train
4WD, hub drive, 105 mm

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The lowest price is $799.99 for the AeBoard AWD, available from multiple sites. The 6 purchase links we have analyzed have revealed an average price of $812.

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