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Editor's Note

Surging through urban landscapes on this e-scooter feels like donning a cape and taking flight without ever leaving the ground. It's not just about getting from one place to another; it's about experiencing every moment fully charged with excitement.

WEPED Dark Knight

WEPED Dark Knight
  • Range

    111 Miles

  • Top Speed

    65 MPH

  • Battery Size



  • Exhilarating top speed
  • Impressive battery life
  • Robust build quality
  • Intuitive handling


  • Hefty weight
  • Not suitable for casual commuting
  • May be overwhelming for new riders

Product Overview

Thrill-seekers and speed enthusiasts, listen up! The WEPED Dark Knight is beckoning you to unleash its formidable prowess on the streets. This beast isn't just for anyone; it's specifically crafted for riders who crave adrenaline and aren't fazed by lightning-fast speeds or long-distance sprints. Casual commuters might find this e-scooter a bit much for their taste, with its high-octane performance that could be overkill for just getting from point A to B.

Design and Build Quality:

First impressions matter, and the WEPED Dark Knight certainly knows how to make an entrance. With a robust frame and a commanding presence, it looks as if it rolled right out of a superhero movie. Materials used are top-notch, contributing to a sturdy feel that inspires confidence on every ride. Every component seems carefully selected to balance aesthetics with durability. Assembly? Hardly an issue – it's practically ready to go straight out of the box.

Overall Performance:

Performance is where this e-scooter shines – or rather, blazes through the competition. Whether I was zipping across town, enjoying a leisurely ride, tackling steep inclines or simply feeling the need for speed, the Dark Knight never failed to impress. It reaches that jaw-dropping 65 MPH with such finesse, you'll barely notice how quickly you're moving until you see cars being left in your dust. Braking is equally impressive; responsive and reliable even at high speeds.

The Motors & Battery:

With motors as powerful as these, you can expect nothing less than hair-raising acceleration that responds to your every whim. The 60AH battery lives up to its promise too – extensive rides across town barely put a dent in the battery life. Climbing hills felt effortless, almost as if gravity had decided to look the other way.

The Wheels & Braking:

Riding on different terrains felt smoother than expected thanks to those wheels; they grip the road like they're clinging onto their dear life. When it comes to stopping power, hydraulic brakes ensure safety is never compromised – an essential feature when dealing with such speeds.

Overall Handling:

Handling this powerhouse felt intuitive from day one. Steering through crowded streets or taking sharp turns didn't rattle me at all; comfort was always at the forefront no matter the environment. Plus, standing on the wide deck feels like having your own personal stage – stable and secure.

Maintenance and Repair:

Regular maintenance seemed straightforward enough – a good once-over now and then kept everything in check. When faced with minor issues, dealing with customer support was hassle-free and parts were readily available when needed.

Additional Features:

Nifty extras like quality electric gauges keep you well-informed during rides while other built-in safety features mean one less worry when navigating through traffic or riding at night.


I'd confidently give the WEPED Dark Knight an 8.5/10. Its unyielding performance, solid build quality and responsive controls made my week exhilarating beyond words. Points were docked only due to its weight making portability a bit of a challenge.

WEPED Dark Knight Specification

weped Dark Knight Standingweped Dark Knight
lbs121 lbs
111 Miles111 Miles
Top Speed
65 MPH65 MPH
Battery Size
Recharge Time

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