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Editor's Note

Skatebold Brisk offers a no-frills electric skateboarding experience tailored for novices or those seeking straightforward transport solutions. Balancing ease-of-use with sufficient functionality makes this board a viable option in its category.

Skatebold Brisk

Skatebold Brisk
  • Top Speed

    18 km/h

  • Battery Size

    0 Wh


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Sturdy construction
  • User-friendly operation


  • Limited top speed
  • Struggles on rough terrain
  • Minimal foot cushionin

Product Overview

If you're on the hunt for an electric skateboard that balances performance and portability, Skatebold Brisk might just tick all the right boxes for you. Targeted towards beginners and those looking for a light, easy-to-carry board for short commutes or leisure rides, this e-skateboard caters to everyday convenience without overwhelming users with extreme speeds or complex features.

Design and Build Quality:

Skatebold Brisk feels sturdy underfoot, a testament to its solid build quality. Sporting a minimalist look, the board's design is elegant yet functional. Made primarily from durable materials, it has survived several encounters with the sidewalk without as much as a scratch. Assembly? There wasn't any. Right out of the box, this board was ready to hit the pavement.

Overall Performance:

Performance-wise, this board glides smoothly through city streets. It's not going to break any speed records at 18 km/h, but that's plenty for weaving through pedestrians and enjoying a relaxed ride. Uphill capabilities are modest – steep inclines will slow you down considerably. Yet on flat ground, acceleration is responsive and braking is reliable enough to instill confidence.

The Motors & Battery:

Powered by a single motor, the thrust might not throw you back with g-force intensity, but it’s sufficient for casual cruising. Battery life seemed in line with specifications; I managed to squeeze out ample ride time on a full charge across various scenarios—though heavier riders may see slightly less range.

The Wheels & Braking:

Riding over smooth surfaces felt like sailing on calm waters; however, 73 mm wheels struggled a bit with rough terrain - vibrational feedback was noticeable. Braking is smooth but requires anticipation due to its gentle deceleration curve.

Overall Handling:

Handling is where Skatebold Brisk shines; its lightweight nature makes it agile and easy to maneuver around obstacles or through tight spaces. Comfort is decent for short rides; longer journeys might leave you wishing for more foot padding.

Maintenance and Repair:

Maintenance was hardly an issue during my week of testing – it held up well to regular use. When reaching out about potential repair services or parts availability, responses were prompt and helpful.

Additional Features:

While sparse on high-tech extras, simplicity here is key—no need to fret over complex settings or unnecessary gadgets. What you get works well and integrates seamlessly into your skate sessions without hassle.


7/10 – The Skatebold Brisk gets a solid rating for its user-friendly approach, practical design, and adequate performance that aligns well with its intended audience’s needs.

Skatebold Brisk Specification

Skatebold Brisk
3.6 kg
Top Speed
18 km/h
Battery Size
0 Wh
Drive Train
1WD, hub drive, 73 mm

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