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Editor's Note

Immersing myself in what the Vsett 11+ Super 72 offers has been exhilarating. Its combination of brute force and sophisticated design places it high on any thrill-seeker's list. Yes, there are areas where improvements would be welcome—like water resistance—but those seeking top-tier performance may overlook these shortcomings for the sheer joy of riding this beast.

Vsett 11+ Super 72

  • Range

    59 km

  • Top Speed

    99 kph

  • Motor Power


  • Battery Size

    2520 Wh


  • Exceptional top speed
  • Strong acceleration
  • Long-range capabilities
  • Solid construction


  • Heavy and bulky
  • No water resistance
  • Requires regular brake maintenance

Product Overview

For enthusiasts craving a surge of adrenaline with every ride, the Vsett 11+ Super 72 stands out. This e-scooter caters to those who prioritize speed and power in their daily commute or weekend adventures. While its hefty build may not appeal to riders looking for something more portable, speed demons will find themselves drawn to its raw performance capabilities.

Design and Build Quality:

Upon laying eyes on the Vsett 11+, its robust frame instantly communicates durability. The materials feel premium—nothing flimsy here. Each component seems meticulously chosen for resilience and longevity. I noticed during use that the dual hydraulic suspension didn't just look tough; it absorbed shocks like a champ. Assembly was straightforward, which is a plus for anyone eager to hit the road without fuss.

Overall Performance:

Whether zipping through traffic or taking on steep inclines, this machine doesn't flinch. Acceleration is brisk, making short work of getting up to speed. Breaking from high velocities feels controlled, thanks to the disc brakes that instill confidence. Range claims often fall short in real-world conditions, but I found myself hitting near the advertised 59 km without range anxiety.

The Motors & Battery:

With a combined motor power of 4284w, climbing hills felt almost effortless—no loss of power even under strain. The battery's performance lived up to expectations as well; throughout my testing, I never experienced significant drops in power until the very end of the battery life.

The Wheels & Braking:

Pneumatic tires contributed significantly to a comfortable ride across various terrains; however, I noted that proper pressure maintenance is key for optimal performance. Disc brakes provided reliable stopping power but require regular checks to maintain efficiency and safety.

Overall Handling:

In diverse environments—from city streets to unpaved paths—the Vsett 11+ navigated with surprising agility for its size. Comfort wasn't an issue during long rides, partly due to the scooter's ample deck space and responsive controls.

Maintenance and Repair:

Routine upkeep was manageable for someone with basic technical skills. When faced with minor issues, dealing with customer service proved satisfactory—they were responsive and helpful. Parts seemed readily available, which eased my mind about future maintenance or repairs.

Additional Features:

Illumination from the integrated lights made nighttime rides safer, a necessity for any serious rider. The electric gauges offered clear insights into my ride stats—speed, distance, battery life—all contributing factors to a more informed ride.


Given my experiences and weighing all aspects from design to performance, my personal rating stands at 8/10.

Vsett 11+ Super 72 Specification

Vsett 11+ Super 72
57 kg
Max Load
Dual Hydraulic
59 km
Top Speed
99 kph
Motor Power
Battery Size
2520 Wh
Water Resistant

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