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Segway Ninebot Air T15

  • Range

    11 km

  • Top Speed

    19 kph

  • Motor Power


  • Battery Size

    144 Wh

The Segway Ninebot Air T15 is the perfect e-scooter for short trips and commutes. With a range of up to 11 km, this electric scooter can cover plenty of ground before needing to be recharged. The 250w motor provides a top speed of 19 kph, so you'll get where you need to go in no time. With a IPX4 water resistance rating means that it can stand up to all kinds of weather conditions. The Segway Ninebot Air T15 features both front and rear lights for safety in low-light conditions. Solid tires are designed for durability and grip on all surfaces, while the foot brake offers reliable stopping power when needed.
Segway Ninebot Air T15
Max Load
99 kg
Water Resistant
11 km
Motor Power
Top Speed
19 kph
Battery Size
144 Wh
10 kg
Reviews of the Segway Ninebot Air T15
Rated 3.3 / 5 from 8 Reviews
Ninebot KickScooter Air T15 Review 2021
  • - 3.7
Interestingly enough, this model was one of the first to implement regenerative braking, setting high standards for future competitors. Whatever your reasons for riding, we’re sure you’ll find some use out of this cost-effective folding scooter
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Segway Ninebot Air T15 Review
  • - 1.5
Well, because there are just so many other scooters out there with better specs, that you could purchase for the same money. They might not look as good as the T15, and you won’t necessarily be buying into a brand as prestigious – or prodigious – as Segway. But in all likelihood, you’ll be paying less, going faster, and getting further. But don’t get suckered in by the Segway’s siren song – though its monochromatic color scheme, polished look and feel, and neat folding capabilities are easy on the eye, you can trust me when I say that you’re better off looking elsewhere.
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Small Tires, Small Range, But Big Design
With its slight build, small wheels, very short range, limited top speed, and inability to climb hills, it’s the last choice for pretty much everything else. It’s not made for everyday commuting anywhere further than 8 km round-trip. Given its price and performance limitations, it’s unlikely you’d select the Air T15 unless you really fell in love with the innovative, futuristic design.
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a stylish and portable e-scooter
  • - 4
The Ninebot Segway Air T15 certainly looks the business but it is smaller, slower and lacks the range of similarly priced rivals. For those who want to easily stow it in the boot of a car or wheel it on to public transport, it absolutely perfect and delivers a perfectly acceptable ride, so long as the surfaces are smooth and you haven’t got too many steep hills to contend with.
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Segway Ninebot Kickscooter Air T15 review
  • - 3.5
If you’re a smaller person looking for one of the best-looking and most portable scooters we’ve seen, the Segway Ninebot Air T15 will fit the bill. However, its sleekness comes at a cost, both in terms of price and range. While it’s 5 pounds heavier and less flashy, the Segway Ninebot Electric Kick Scooter E22 ($499) is both less expensive, offers nearly twice the range, and has a more powerful motor. Our favorite model overall remains the Unagi Model One, which is nearly as light and attractive as the T15, but is much more powerful
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  • - 3.2
The Segway’s Ninebot Air T15 implements a fresh and never-before-seen design that brings a revolutionary outlook on scooter aesthetics. The manufacturer has put considerable effort into piecing together, arguably one of the most aesthetically pleasing electric scooters in the market today. The scooter’s chassis is constructed of lightweight and highly durable aluminium-magnesium alloy, which makes the portability factor second to none.
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Cool Segway Ninebot KickScooter Air T15 review
  • - 4.1
The Segway’s Ninebot Air T15 Electric Scooter is the best option for anyone looking for a lightweight, compact electric scooter. Ideal for students and any type of commuter, this is also suitable for kids and beginners.
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The Most Portable Electric Scooter For Adults
The Ninebot Air T15 is the most portable adult electric scooter today, and it will be perfect for commuters with short to medium commutes, students, casual riders, and anyone looking for a scooter that’s very easy to carry around, like people with a last-mile type scenario. It is also an excellent choice for people looking for a classy, charming travel companion, that stands out with its rich and premium look, emanating a vibe of luxury and elegance. This scooter innovates in many areas, and it’s probably the most unique scooter released in the last few years, with the most daring engineering and the boldest design choices.
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