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GOTRAX GXL Commuter v2

  • Range

    19 km

  • Top Speed

    25 kph

  • Motor Power


  • Battery Size

    187 Wh

The GOTRAX GXL Commuter v2 is a lightweight electric scooter that offers 19 km of range per charge and can reach speeds up to 25 kph. Powered by a 250w motor, this folding electric scooter features a 187 Wh battery pack and 11 kg weight for easy portability. The GOTRAX GXL Commuter v2's pneumatic tires are designed with an anti puncture design, while the front lights make it easy to ride at night. This e-scooter also includes disc brakes for stopping power and has a max load of 99 kg that makes it great for adults or children.
GOTRAX GXL Commuter v2
Max Load
99 kg
Water Resistant
19 km
Motor Power
Top Speed
25 kph
Battery Size
187 Wh
11 kg
Reviews of the GOTRAX GXL Commuter v2
Rated 3.7 / 5 from 7 Reviews
Gotrax GXL V2 Electric Scooter Review
  • - 3.7
For what it is, the Gotrax GXL V2 Commuter electric scooter is impressive. We’re giving it a 4.5 out of 5 as a last-mile budget commuter scooter. The tires are a highlight, as well as the water-resistant frame, fast speed, and dual-braking system. The built-in handlebar display has all the info you need, and it’s about as light as a scooter of this level could be. We do wish the lighting was better, though, which is why we docked half a star. You can easily fix that by buying a helmet light and attaching a tail light. It’s a solid electric scooter for teens and adults alike.
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Great budget scooter with unique upgrades rivaling higher end models
  • - 2.8
Grab the Gotrax GXL V2 for a good all-around budget scooter. Gotrax includes E-ABS anti-locking brakes and other features on this model that are often reserved for higher-end scooters. Testing resulted in strong scores for comfort and braking. Air-filled tires and a solid safety latch stood out as impressive, while power and range left us wanting more. We feel it's a great introductory scooter choice at a good price for users in flat areas and if distance range is not a deciding factor.
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Gotrax GXL V2 Review – The Best Budget Commuter Scooter?
  • - 4.2
Today we are looking at another great electric scooter, the Gotrax GXL V2; delivered from a young US-based company called Gotrax Galaxy. Not long ago reviewed the Gotrax Glider, an electric scooter aimed towards kids and teenagers; now we quickly have to move on to our Gotrax GXL V2 review, a scooter targeted at adults and designed for commuting. Gotrax certainly have been busy. Similarly to the Gotrax Glider, the GXL V2 is a reasonably priced, high-quality electric scooter.
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  • - 3.6
Creating an e-scooter specifically with commuters in mind, Gotrax has really considered what appeals to this market and the challenges they face. With the upgraded Gotrax GXL v2, they have retained the quality 8.5″ pneumatic tyres, light frame and robust folding mechanisms and made upgrades to the build quality, braking system, and added cruise control. These premium features, available at an impressively low price make the Gotrax GXL v2 the perfect e-scooter for beginners or younger riders who want access to a quality piece of kit, without the bells and whistles attached to a higher price tag.
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Best-Value Budget Electric Scooter Ever
The GoTrax GXL V2 Commuter is a big improvement to the already solid and also hugely successful previous version of this scooter, the GoTrax GXL Commuter. With a price tag of $269, and a complete set of features that any modern scooter should have, this scooter is, without a doubt, one of the best budget scooters ever made. It does a good job of providing admirable performance for the price, while not sacrificing durability and user experience. If your budget is under $300, or you’re looking for a great beginner or entry-level scooter, or if you simply want a scooter that’s amazing bang-for-buck, I truly believe you will be very satisfied with the GoTrax GXL V2 Commuter.
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GoTrax GXL V2 Review
  • - 4
If you’re new to the world of scooters and want to test out whether the scooter life is right for you, the GoTrax GXL V2 is the perfect fit. It’s reliable, quality-assured, and offers everything you could need as a novice. When electric scooters first came on the market, finding a cheap one that didn’t have a sub-par construction causing it to rattle after a few rides or waiting less than 12 hours for it to charge for 30 minutes of ride time was almost impossible. But then came along the GoTrax GXL V2. Cheap no longer meant sacrificing a few bucks for shoddy workmanship but instead bridged the gap between cost and quality
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The Perfect, Affordable Scooter for Beginners
The GoTrax GXL Commuter V2 is the best, least expensive electric scooter you can buy right now. It is often under ₱14,400, and you get a huge value for the price: pneumatic tires, disc brakes, great build quality, and fantastic design. It is the ultimate beginner’s scooter and will outlast all of its cheap rivals.
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