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Editor's Note

In essence, the Flux AT2 stands as a testament to what modern e-skateboards can achieve in terms of raw power and range capability. While its heftiness might limit its appeal to riders who prioritize lightweight options for frequent carrying, those looking for sustained performance will not be disappointed.

Flux AT2

Flux AT2
  • Range

    60 - 80 km

  • Top Speed

    50 km/h

  • Motor Power

    2 × 3500 W

  • Battery Size

    Samsung 35E or Molicel M35A, 12S11p, 1500 Wh


  • Exceptional range
  • Robust motor power
  • High-quality build
  • Effective braking system


  • Heavyweight may deter some users
  • Portability can be challenging due to size

Product Overview

Skateboarders seeking a thrilling yet reliable ride, look no further than the Flux AT2. This powerhouse e-skateboard captures hearts with its robust capabilities and long-range potential. Urban adventurers and speed enthusiasts alike will appreciate its blend of performance and endurance, but it's worth noting that the hefty build may not be for everyone.

Design and Build Quality:

From the moment I laid eyes on the Flux AT2, I could tell it was a beast built to last. Solidly constructed with quality materials, this e-skateboard's weight is immediately noticeable, suggesting durability and stability. Assembling it was straightforward, though its bulkiness might require some muscle.

Overall Performance:

Riding the Flux AT2 through city streets and open roads offered a heady mix of exhilaration and control. Zipping at 50 km/h felt like harnessing a wild stallion – powerful yet manageable. Steep hills were conquered with ease, thanks to its impressive torque, while stopping on a dime was never an issue with responsive brakes that inspired confidence at high speeds.

The Motors & Battery:

Dual 3500 W motors deliver relentless thrust that propelled me forward with gusto. When it came to battery life, I was deeply impressed; it held up remarkably well across various terrains, closely aligning with the advertised range. Even in demanding conditions, power depletion was graceful, avoiding sudden drops in performance.

The Wheels & Braking:

The large wheels on the Flux AT2 smoothed out most bumps, making daily rides comfortable. Braking was another highlight – effective without being jarring, contributing to a sense of safety during every journey.

Overall Handling:

Maneuvering this e-skateboard felt intuitive after just a few rides. Whether cruising along beachfronts or navigating congested pathways, the handling remained precise. Aiding in this were the ergonomic design and weight distribution that made longer rides pleasantly comfortable.

Maintenance and Repair:

Maintenance proved to be quite minimal during my time with the Flux AT2. Dealing with the manufacturer for inquiries was hassle-free; they were prompt and helpful. Parts availability wasn't an issue either – although I didn't need many repairs or replacements during my test period.

Additional Features:

Useful extras like the quality remote control and electric gauges contributed greatly to my riding experience by providing easy access to necessary information without distraction or inconvenience.


After an action-packed week with this board, I rate it 8/10. It scores highly for performance and build quality but loses points due to its weight which impacts portability.

Flux AT2 Specification

Flux AT2
17 kg
Max Load
120 kg
60 - 80 km
Top Speed
50 km/h
Motor Power
2 × 3500 W
Battery Size
Samsung 35E or Molicel M35A, 12S11p, 1500 Wh
Drive Train
2WD, belt drive, 200 mm, 30 % hill climb

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