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Editor's Note

The CityRider strikes that balance between practicality and pleasure. It won't break speed records nor will it glide over mountains but for city dwellers seeking an eco-friendly way around town? This could be your ride.

Fluid Freeride CityRider

  • Range

    16 km

  • Top Speed

    28 kph

  • Motor Power


  • Battery Size

    360 Wh


  • User-friendly design
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Solid build quality


  • Limited hill climbing capability
  • Lacks suspension
  • Solid tires can be uncomfortable on rough surfaces

Product Overview

Electric scooters have carved their niche in the urban landscape, and the Fluid Freeride CityRider is no stranger to city slickers hunting for a robust yet lightweight commuting companion. I can confidently say that its simplicity and efficiency make it an ideal match for those looking to zip through city streets with ease, or even first-time riders who are dipping their toes into the e-scooter world. However, if you're in search of an off-road thrill-seeker, this might not be your best bet.

Design and Build Quality:

Slipping onto the CityRider's deck, there's an immediate sense of reliability underfoot. Crafted with quality materials, this scooter doesn't feel flimsy; its refined build instills confidence. Its handlebars sit at a comfortable height, not forcing my posture into any awkward bends during rides. The solid tires and drum brake combo caught my attention—it's clear these choices were made with durability and low maintenance in mind.

Overall Performance:

Taking it out for a spin, the CityRider handles commuting with aplomb. Acceleration isn't neck-snapping but gets up to its top speed of 28 kph quite steadily—a gentle nudge rather than a fierce push. Braking is smooth and reliable; I never found myself lurching forward unexpectedly. Riding across flat surfaces felt like cruising on air but facing steep hills is where this scooter starts to sweat—its 10% hill climb ability means steeper inclines require some legwork.

The Motors & Battery:

Power from the 350w motor feels adequate for most parts of town. Its stamina is commendable, lasting just as long as promised on regular commutes before needing a recharge. Battery performance remained consistent regardless of whether I was leisurely gliding along or pushing it near its top speed. A full five-hour charge became part of my nightly routine to ensure readiness for the next day's adventures.

The Wheels & Braking:

Solid tires have their upsides: no punctures, less maintenance—but they also transmit every jolt and judder from uneven paths straight to my hands and feet. Safety never felt compromised, thanks in large part to the dependable drum brake that consistently delivered smooth stops without any screeching surprises.

Overall Handling:

Navigating through bustling sidewalks and bike lanes revealed just how agile the CityRider can be. Its handling is intuitive; leaning into turns feels natural without any oversteer or instability. However, without suspension, longer rides started to take their toll on comfort—my knees and wrists yearned for some cushioning after particularly rugged routes.

Maintenance and Repair:

Maintenance has been minimal—a relief for those less mechanically inclined like myself. When questions arose, customer support proved helpful though not always swift in response due to demand peaks. Part availability didn't pose any significant challenges; however, DIY fixes are manageable with a bit of online guidance.

Additional Features:

Integrated lights offer peace of mind during dusk rides while the simple yet functional display keeps speed and battery life clearly visible at a glance. While these features may not dazzle with innovation, they integrate seamlessly into daily use—enhancing safety without complication.


I'd rate the CityRider a solid 7 out of 10. It excels in urban maneuverability and ease of use but falls short in comfort during extended journeys or when confronting unforgiving terrains.

Fluid Freeride CityRider Specification

Fluid Freeride CityRider
Fluid Freeride
12 kg
Max Load
99 kg
16 km
Top Speed
28 kph
Motor Power
Battery Size
360 Wh

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