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Editor's Note

All said, this machine offers an adrenaline-packed ride without skimping on the essentials like range and reliability. While not every path was a glide on clouds due to its stiff suspension over rocky grounds, it's hard not to be impressed by its gutsy performance that caters well to thrill-seekers.

Minimotors Dualtron Victor

  • Range

    99 km

  • Top Speed

    80 kph

  • Motor Power


  • Battery Size

    1800 Wh


  • Rapid acceleration
  • Long-range capabilities
  • Responsive braking system
  • High-quality build


  • Comfort can be compromised on uneven terrains
  • Weight may be cumbersome for some users
  • Pricier than some competitors

Product Overview

Electric scooter aficionados, take note: the Minimotors Dualtron Victor is a beast tailored for riders who crave speed and performance. Its powerful dual motors and robust battery cater to those looking to dash through cityscapes or conquer steep inclines.

Design and Build Quality:

First impressions matter, and the Dualtron Victor impresses with its robust frame and elegant finish. Materials feel premium to the touch, signaling durability for everyday adventures. Assembly was a breeze, getting me on the road swiftly.

Overall Performance:

Performance is where the Victor truly shines. Zipping through traffic felt exhilarating with its rapid acceleration, while cruising at high speeds remained smooth and stable. The brakes responded promptly during unexpected stops, instilling confidence. Its range didn't disappoint either; I tackled long commutes without worrying about a midday charge.

The Motors & Battery:

The 4000w motor is a powerhouse; it laughed in the face of steep hills I once dreaded. Battery life lived up to expectations across various terrains – from flat boulevards to challenging inclines – without significant depletion.

The Wheels & Braking:

Riding on different surfaces, pneumatic tires cushioned bumps nicely, although very uneven pavements occasionally tested comfort limits. Disc brakes offered consistent stopping power, which is crucial for safety when you're dealing with such speed capabilities.

Overall Handling:

Handling felt intuitive whether weaving through tight spaces or taking on open roads. Comfort was consistent across short trips and extended jaunts alike thanks to the dual rubber suspension system.

Maintenance and Repair:

Routine maintenance was straightforward for an experienced rider like myself. When it came to dealing with Minimotors for repairs, responses were prompt and helpful. Parts availability wasn't an issue either, making potential DIY fixes less daunting.

Additional Features:

Integrated lights enhanced my night rides significantly, adding visibility and safety. The quality remote control complemented my experience well, granting ease of operation that felt seamless within my daily routine.


I'd give the Dualtron Victor a solid 8/10. It lost points due to comfort challenges on rough terrain but gained much admiration for its power, range, and overall reliability.

Minimotors Dualtron Victor Specification

Minimotors Dualtron Victor
32 kg
Max Load
119 kg
Dual Rubber
99 km
Top Speed
80 kph
Motor Power
Battery Size
1800 Wh

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