Do You Need Insurance for an E-Scooter?

Toby Bell03 May 2022

After their rise in popularity in 2017, electric scooters have become increasingly prevalent in recent years. Because they provide an easy and low-cost mode of transportation for people to go around the city, electric scooters continue to prosper amid the pandemic's economic repercussions. According to the Global Electric Scooter Market, the international demand for electric scooters is predicted to reach USD 34.2 billion by 2026.

However, as the number of people using e-scooters has grown, so has the number of accidents and injuries caused by them. Injuries caused by personal mobility devices, such as electric scooters, were reported.  There have been numerous cases of e-scooters crashing and injuring people.

Many electric scooter riders opt to get insurance to protect themselves and their electric scooters in the event of an accident. Even in countries where e-scooters are legal, such as Spain and Malta, users are required to have insurance. But, since electric scooters are still a relatively new mode of transportation, most countries do not mandate them to be insured.

Do You Need Insurance for an Electric Scooter?

Electric scooters have been popping up on city streets across the world for the past several years. Ride-sharing companies seem to have a direct impact on the rise of electric motorized scooters. Most people who try riding one eventually love it. Hence, many opt to buy an electric scooter rather than rent one. But just as the demand for electric scooters grew in popularity, there's also been a rise in traffic accidents related to such motorized vehicles.

Insurance for electric scooters isn't always easy to come by in most countries and under most circumstances. There are various insurance alternatives available for electric scooters, despite them being a relatively new means of transportation.

In most countries, neither the scooter itself nor the person using it must be insured. Only Illinois, Texas (if the scooter's engine is over 750 watts), and Germany are exempt from this rule. Insurance coverage for the scooter itself is available in certain countries, as is insurance for physical damage when riding an electric scooter.

Can You Insure Your Electric Scooter?

It's not surprising that electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular, given how many people are turning to greener alternatives for their day-to-day transportation needs. This type of motorized vehicle lowers your carbon footprint while also minimizing your reliance on fossil fuels. When it comes to transportation, electric scooters are becoming more convenient than traditional fuel-powered models around the world.

To protect themselves in the event of an accident, electric scooter riders must acquire health insurance. Take note however that most major insurance companies do not cover private scooter users.

An umbrella policy that insures injuries and damages both inside and outside the home, could be an exemption. Many major insurance companies now provide umbrella policies that include coverage for liability claims resulting from accidents involving electric scooters as well. As a result, if someone else is wounded or their property is damaged, the umbrella policy can cover the cost.  This is the best insurance option for scooter commuters or those who ride on heavily traveled highways daily.

At this time, personal umbrella liability insurance may be the best choice for the majority of electric scooter users. Liability coverage for things like a private pool, bicycles, and other extraneous property was traditionally covered under an umbrella insurance policy. Thus, it was utilized largely for those who wanted to go beyond the regular insurance policy's liability coverage.

Umbrella Insurance

Damages to other people's property and medical expenses are both covered by this policy. Your medical expenses will not be covered by this, however. Owners of electric scooters who use them frequently may want to consider this insurance option while other solutions are still being developed for the scooter market.  To put it another way, if you often commute to work on an electric scooter, umbrella coverage may be your best bet at this time.

Health Insurance

You can use this insurance to pay for medical treatment if you are injured in an accident and need it. Since umbrella insurance is limited to other people's medical expenditures alone, a  health insurance plan can cover your own expense.  The benefit of having health insurance is that it protects you against the financial burden of paying for your medical care after an accident. Just keep in mind that health insurance only covers medical bills. Automobile and property damage liability will not be covered by this policy. Why Should You Get Insurance if You Own an Electric Scooter? Although riding an electric scooter can be both easy and enjoyable, it can also be dangerous for both the rider and those around him. Statistical data on the safety of electric scooters is sparse because these machines have only been on the market for a few years. However, the use of electric scooters has only been linked to a small number of fatalities. But, the total number of electric scooter-related injuries has increased.

It is comforting to know that if your electric scooter is involved in an accident, you will be adequately covered. Your financial burden will not be an issue if you, someone else, or public or private property is affected by the incident since your insurance has it covered.

Here are reasons why you should get insurance:

  • Electric scooters can reach speeds of up to 25 km/h on public roads and up to 40 km/h on private property, making them dangerous in the event of a collision or a fall. Make sure you're covered by a medical insurance policy.
  • The expense of repairs or, even worse, the need to purchase a new electric scooter, could be overwhelming if your scooter is damaged in a mishap. If your e-scooter needs to be repaired or replaced, having insurance to cover those expenses will be beneficial.
  • There is a risk of injuring pedestrians and other riders if you get into an accident. Accidental injury and property damage claims are also covered by the right e-scooter insurance.
  • Finally, electric scooters must be insured against theft. It's more common than you might think to have an e-scooter stolen, especially since it's easy to carry.  If your e-scooter is stolen, an e-scooter policy will protect the costs of getting a new one.

  Electric scooters are expected to be around for a long time because they are highly convenient, cheap, and fun. However, electric scooters are not exempted from accidents but aren't typically included as standard coverage in most insurances. As a precaution, you should look into getting additional insurance policies for protection. An umbrella insurance policy and a good health insurance plan are your best options.

Toby Bell

Toby Bell

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