Can I Drive an Electric Scooter Without a License?

Toby Bell20 Apr 2022

Electric scooters have become a widespread mode of transportation for getting from one location to another efficiently. An electric scooter is not only enjoyable to ride, but also an excellent way to view a city and is eco-friendly. People are seeking an easier way to commute safely and responsibly, especially since things are getting back to normal after a pandemic. Although more cities are easing their restrictions regarding electric scooters, many are still unclear about certain rules and regulations on electric scooters, including whether or not you need a license to ride an electric scooter.

What Is an Electric Scooter?

Alternatives to gasoline-powered vehicles such as electric scooters are becoming extremely prevalent. They're not just more environmentally friendly, but they're also less expensive to run because they only need to be charged for a few hours.

An electric scooter is a modernized version of a traditional kick scooter that has a motor instead of a person using their feet. Since it is small and easy to use, it is becoming more popular today. The electric scooter is easier to operate and more comfortable than a conventional bike. It is also more environmentally and economically friendly than a car. Depending on the scooter, it can reach a speed of up to 60 km/h and carry someone weighing 100 kg or more.

How Does an Electric Scooter Work?

Electric scooters have a throttle that transmits signals to wires, which in turn send signals to the controller, which then, in turn, makes the battery work, so the scooter can run. The power from the battery assists the motor to work by moving a scooter’s wheels front and back. Batteries power the electric scooter. These batteries could be recharged and are either lead or lithium-ion. These batteries have enough power to get you from point A to point B within a 10- to 40-mile radius.

Here's how an electric scooter generally works:

  • The electric scooter's motor is attached to the frame.
  • The power generated in the battery is transmitted back to the motor via a network of wiring.
  • Based on the type and brand of scooter, the motor could cause the front wheel or both wheels to spin to propel the scooter onward.
  • However, due to motor limits, a basic electric scooter seldom exceeds 25 to 30 km/h, unless it’s one of the faster and more advanced e-scooter versions.

How Do You Ride an Electric Scooter?

Electric scooters are incredibly easy to handle, which is why they are so practical and enjoyable. Even if an electric scooter is a modern type of transportation, riding and maintaining one isn't as complex as most vehicles.

Here's how to ride an electric scooter:

Getting On

It's a breeze to get around on an electric scooter. To get started, simply place one foot on it and push it gently with the other foot. This will give you a little forward motion and balance. Electric scooters generally include a built-in technology that allows the engine to start automatically once the rider pushes off. After starting the engine, you could elevate your opposite leg and set it on the scooter.

Getting More Speed Electric scooters include a handlebar that can be twisted to change the speed. To speed up, you simply need to rotate it. When increasing your speed, however, be careful not to lose your balance, or else you'll crash.


Stopping is rather simple, however, be cautious when traveling at fast speeds. All you have to do is squeeze the handle on the handlebar. As electric scooters vary, you might come across models with front and rear brakes. When braking at high speeds, use a light touch and avoid squeezing too hard.

Getting Off

Once you arrive at your destination, slightly press the brake on the steering wheel. After coming to a complete stop, carefully plant one foot on the ground and lower the other. It is recommended that you put your right foot down first since this will provide you with more stability when descending.

Packing Up

Most electric scooters can be folded, which comes in handy when you get to your destination and would like to carry the scooter with you. The folding system usually depends on the scooter's type and brand. Most e-scooters feature a very straightforward and pretty basic push method. Once an electric scooter is folded, it doesn't take up much room so you could hide it under a desk.

Does an E-Scooter Require a License?

The question of whether or not you need a license to ride an e-scooter generally depends on where you live. It is mandatory to have a driver's license in certain states (such as California), but not in others. If you want to avoid paying fees that aren't necessary, be sure you check your state's local e-scooter laws.

Where you'll be operating your e-scooter determines whether or not you'll need a driver's license. Each state in the US has passed legislation governing electric scooters. While e-scooter regulations are becoming more popular across the country, there are still some variations. Outside of California, most states don't require a driver's license to drive an electric scooter. However, it's safer to verify with your local state and city regulations first.


California has stricter regulations for electric scooters, which is unusual in other states. E-scooter riders should have a valid driver's license and should not exceed 15 miles per hour, according to California law.

Other States

The answer to whether you will be required a driver's license to ride an e-scooter in other states is generally determined by how your state defines e-scooters, which may vary greatly. Scooters are usually grouped with mopeds as well as other street-legal vehicles that, in certain places, need a valid driver's license to operate. Other states, on the other hand, classify electric scooters as electric bicycles that could be ridden without a driver's license. To be safe, ride-hailing companies such as Bird and Lime usually require their users to be at least 18 years old and to have a valid driver's license, but these are corporate regulations, not state and federal legislation.

The electric scooter industry is growing rapidly since they provide a solution to numerous transportation issues. And getting a driving license to have a safe, cheap, and environmentally-friendly way to travel locally seems to be a rather small price to pay.

Toby Bell

Toby Bell

Toby, a skating fanatic, has recently switched his skateboarding passion into an e-everything passion. E-skateboards, and e-scooters are his new love, and he wanted to share that love with anyone interested.

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