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Editor's Note

With its combination of power, endurance, and style, the Segway P100S became more than just transportation; it became part of my daily routine - reliable for workdays yet fun for weekends.

Segway P100S

Segway P100S
  • Range

    62 Miles

  • Top Speed

    30 MPH

  • Motor Power


  • Battery Size



  • Robust build quality
  • Impressive range
  • Smooth acceleration
  • Intuitive handling


  • Heavy at 72.5 lbs
  • Long recharge time

Product Overview

Riding into the electric personal transport scene, the Segway P100S is a formidable contender. Now, as someone who thrives on the thrill of zipping through cityscapes, I found this e-scooter tailored for urban commuters and weekend adventurers alike. For those in pursuit of a dependable, feature-rich ride that can handle daily commutes with ease, this might be your ticket.

Design and Build Quality:

Right out of the box, I noticed how robust this scooter felt. Crafted from high-quality materials, its solid frame could handle my everyday hustle without breaking a sweat. The sleek design turned heads when gliding down the streets, too. Assembly? It was a breeze – no headaches or extra tools needed.

Overall Performance:

Commuting transformed from mundane to exhilarating with the P100S underfoot. Acceleration was smooth – powerful enough to make light work of steep hills without losing steam. Its top speed of 30 MPH had me leading the pack, while the 62-mile range meant I could venture far beyond my usual haunts without range anxiety. The brakes? Responsive and reliable, bringing me to a safe stop even during those unexpected moments.

The Motors & Battery:

That 500w motor packed more punch than I expected. Whether it was navigating crowded streets or open roads, there was always plenty of power on tap. The battery life stayed true to expectations – providing long rides across various terrains without faltering.

The Wheels & Braking:

Each journey was smooth sailing thanks to those wheels – they absorbed most bumps and cracks without jarring discomfort. Braking felt secure and controlled; vital for city riding where safety can't be compromised.

Overall Handling:

Whether weaving through traffic or cruising along park paths, handling remained intuitive and comfortable. The ride experience was consistently stable – no wobbles or shakes even when testing its speed capabilities.

Maintenance and Repair:

Regular maintenance was minimal – mostly just keeping it clean and ensuring screws were tight. When I did need assistance, customer service was helpful and parts were readily available which meant less downtime and more riding.

Additional Features:

Extras like the quality remote control and electric gauges made life easier, adding convenience and a touch of luxury to everyday use. Safety features gave me peace of mind during both day and night trips around town.


Considering all factors – performance, design, battery life – I'd give the Segway P100S a strong 8/10 rating. It's not perfect but certainly stands out in its class.

Segway P100S Specification

Segway P100S
72.5 lbs
Max Load
265 lbs
62 Miles
Top Speed
30 MPH
Motor Power
Battery Size
Recharge Time

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