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Editor's Note

In summary, EVOLV Sprint is more than just another e-scooter; it's your trusty companion for conquering city landscapes with style and efficiency. From swift commutes to leisurely jaunts around town – this scooter handles it all while ensuring you're having fun along the way.

EVOLV sprint

EVOLV sprint
  • Range

    18 Miles

  • Top Speed

    22 MPH

  • Motor Power


  • Battery Size



  • Robust build
  • Swift acceleration
  • Reliable range


  • Comfort on rough terrain
  • Long recharge time

Product Overview

Electric scooters are reshaping urban transport, offering an eco-friendly and compact alternative to traditional vehicles. Among these, the EVOLV Sprint stands out as a solid option for riders seeking both convenience and performance in their daily commutes.

Design and Build Quality:

Crafted with urban commuting in mind, EVOLV Sprint boasts a streamlined aesthetic that catches your eye. The scooter's robust frame assures you of its durability when tackling city streets. During my week with the Sprint, its spring suspension system delivered a smooth ride over various surfaces, absorbing shocks like a pro. No assembly headaches here – setup was straightforward, propelling me into action right away.

Overall Performance:

Commuting on the Sprint was an absolute breeze; its 400w motor packed enough punch to zip through cityscapes with ease. On open stretches, pushing the scooter to its 22 MPH top speed felt exhilarating, yet always under control. Braking was smooth and reliable thanks to the sturdy drum brakes, bringing me to a halt efficiently when needed. Even hill climbs were tackled without breaking a sweat, making every trip seem effortless.

The Motors & Battery:

The heart of this e-scooter is a resilient motor coupled with a dependable battery. When it came to power, I never felt left wanting more – the motor was up to every task. The 10.4AH battery reliably provided near the advertised 18-mile range, although heavy usage saw a slight dip in longevity. Recharging took around six hours; patience is key for riders planning back-to-back adventures.

The Wheels & Braking:

Everyday use highlighted just how much attention EVOLV has paid to wheels and brakes. Grip was never an issue; the tires adhered to the road with confidence-inspiring traction that made each turn and maneuver feel secure. However, comfort was slightly compromised on rougher terrain – larger wheels could have mitigated this.

Overall Handling:

Riding across different environments showcased the Sprint's versatility – from crowded sidewalks to tranquil parks, handling remained nimble and responsive. Steering felt intuitive at slower paces and stable when I ramped up the speed. The deck provided ample space for my feet, ensuring comfort even during longer rides.

Maintenance and Repair:

Maintaining the EVOLV Sprint required minimal effort; basic cleaning and tightening bolts sufficed. For any serious issues, dealing with customer service was straightforward – they were responsive and helpful when needed. Thankfully, there were no breakdowns or malfunctions during my time with it.

Additional Features:

This e-scooter doesn't skimp on extras – its electric gauges offered clear information on speed and battery life at a glance which became integral to my rides. I didn't have to second-guess how much juice was left or how fast I was going.


After extensive testing across various conditions, I'm giving the EVOLV Sprint an 8/10 rating. Its build quality, performance on city streets, and user-friendly features were major pluses. However, there's room for improvement in wheel size for rougher terrains which affected overall comfort slightly.

EVOLV sprint Specification

evolv sprint
36 lbs
Max Load
265 lbs
18 Miles
Top Speed
22 MPH
Motor Power
Battery Size
Recharge Time
6 Hours

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