How Long Does It Take to Electric Scooter a Mile?

Toby Bell31 May 2022

They've been around for a while and they're all over the place. We're talking about electric scooters, of course.  As well as saving time and money, those riding in these motorized vehicles seem to be having tremendous fun. If you’re wondering whether you should get one, the answer is a resounding yes. You don't have to worry about how difficult it is to ride them. Using them is a breeze, and they're also incredibly safe.

An electric scooter's primary function is to get you where you need to go. Therefore, the scooter's range is an important consideration. If you plan on using a scooter for commuting, you'll want to know how long it takes to travel a mile. This information will provide you with a clear picture of what you can expect.

How Long Will It Take To Ride One Mile in an Electric Scooter?

Many factors come into play when determining how long an electric scooter takes to travel a one-mile distance. Depending on the rider's weight, the terrain type, as well as the frequent start and stop intervals, this could vary. But on average, it takes about 4 minutes to reach a mile when riding a standard electric scooter.

Here's a breakdown of how far an electric scooter can go:

  • 1 mile = 4 minutes
  • 1.5 miles = 6 minutes
  • 2 miles = 8 minutes
  • 3 miles = 12 minutes
  • 4 miles = 16 minutes
  • 5 miles = 20 minutes
  • 6 miles = 24 minutes
  • 7 miles = 28 minutes
  • 8 miles = 32 minutes
  • 9 miles = 36 minutes
  • 10 miles = 40 minutes
  • 11 miles = 44 minutes
  • 12 miles = 48 minutes
  • 13 miles = 52 minutes
  • 14 miles = 56 minutes
  • 15 miles = 1h
  • 16 miles = 1h 4 min
  • 17 miles = 1h 8min
  • 18 miles = 1h 12min
  • 19 miles = 1h 16min
  • 20 miles = 1h 20 min

How Far Can You Travel Using an Electric Scooter?

It's amazing but quite unexpected that electric scooters have become a common mode of transportation.  It's safe to say that many people were surprised by this development, given that scooters were once considered a child's toy.

Even so, electric scooters are now the most viable mode of transportation in congested cities all over the world. Electric scooters are compact and easy to maneuver. With an e-scooter, you can escape the traffic or get to the closest public transit fast, all while saving money for gas and helping protect the planet.

When making a decision to buy an electric scooter, the most common concern is how far the scooter can travel. Depending on the model, battery, speed, and other factors, a typical electric scooter can travel somewhere around 6 to 25 miles.

How Fast Can an Electric Scooter Go?

When getting an electric scooter, don't forget to factor in how fast it can go. After all, you can get where you need to go more quickly with an electric scooter that travels at a high speed.

It is typical for electric scooters to reach speeds of 25 to 40 kilometers per hour. High-speed electric scooters, on the other hand, may reach speeds of up to 80 kph. Some of the electric scooters on the market these days can even travel faster than that, with top speeds reaching 100 kph. However, do keep in mind that depending on where you live, there could be a speed limit to how fast you can ride your electric scooter.

Here are factors that affect the speed of electric scooters:

Weight of the Rider

Since the e-scooter has to work twice as hard when carrying a big load, it moves slower and has a shorter range. Make sure to verify your e-weight scooter's capacity and avoid going over this to get the most out of your e-scooter's performance. In addition, carrying a lot of weight reduces your top speed and depletes your battery faster.

Battery Capacity

Your speed and power diminish as your battery power drops. Make sure your scooter is properly charged. And if your battery is old, it would be best to replace the battery with a new one. Although most e-scooters include batteries that are hard to replace on the go,  some e-scooters are available that comes with an easy-to-swap battery which lets you change batteries at any time during your journey.


Your electric scooter's speed is slowed by bumpy roads, muddy trails, and steep inclines. The speed naturally slows down as it encounters uneven terrain, as opposed to riding on flat and smooth surfaces. E-scooters with a lower motor and tyre size may also have a difficult time achieving high speeds on uneven pathways and steep hills. Off-road electric scooters are preferable if you plan to ride outside of the city.

How To Make Your Electric Scooter Faster

If you want to improve your speed and get to your destination faster, here are a few tips:

Position your body correctly.

Your positioning on the scooter makes a huge difference. Having your elbows bent and your back flat, you'll notice a significant difference between standing on your toes and down on your heels. When you're traveling at a high speed, being aerodynamic becomes increasingly essential to improving your speed.

Pace your ride accordingly.

Your ultimate average speed can be greatly influenced by the way you disperse your effort.  Assume for a second that you're on a one-hour hypothetical trip, and if you're going too fast, you'll have to slow down at the end. Make sure to pace accordingly.  Although you may feel like you're traveling at a leisurely pace, you'll be amazed at how quickly you get there.

Consider the weight.

The less you weigh, and the lesser the weight you need to carry, the faster you’ll go on rides. It's important to consider your weight, or the weight of your load, and be realistic. The weight the e-scooter has to carry (this includes both the rider's weight and the rider's load) directly affects its speed and range.

Modify your electric scooter.

Speed is a desire for many people. It's possible to ramp up your electric scooter with a few changes. However, you should be aware that doing so could void your warranty. This is what you should do:

  • Connect the battery's negative terminal to the motor's negative terminal.
  • Replace the electric scooter's original motor with a large-capacity one.
  • Change the sprockets on the electric scooter.
  • Reprogram your controller by purchasing a powerful battery (36 V or 48 V).
  • Upgrade to a more capable set of wheels.

Reaching a mile a minute when riding an electric scooter could be exhilarating. But it's important to be cautious. To avoid accidents, make sure to ride properly and respect the speed limit set by your city or town.  "Going the extra mile" is ill-advised when it comes to riding any kind of vehicle.

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