How Much Does It Cost For A Good Skateboard?

Toby Bell12 Apr 2022

Skateboards are popular for recreational purposes. Maybe you tried your friend’s skateboard and became interested in buying yourself one. Soon, you might find yourself asking about the cost of a good quality skateboard. Purchasing a skateboard can be challenging especially when you look at the cost. With cost, it might be tricky to identify if the skateboard you’re getting is just cheap or you are getting value for your money. We are here to answer some of your questions. The price of skateboards depends on several things.

Cost of making a skateboard

Skateboards and their components are not expensive. The actual production cost is not high. The price begins to add up when each distribution level seeks to gain a profit. It costs about $10 to make a high-quality skateboard. To make a profit, each distribution point adds about $10 before selling the skateboard. Here is a breakdown of how skateboards’ prices add up:

  • The company sells the board at $20 to the distributor, making a $10 profit from the manufacturing cost of $10.
  • The distributor sells the skateboard at $30 to a retailer making a $20 profit.
  • The retailer – skateboard shop – sells the board to you for $50-$75.

Now you understand the basic math used that adds up to a skateboard’s final cost.

How much do I need to buy a high-quality skateboard?

The average price of a high-quality skateboard is $170. This price is the accumulation of the cost of its high-quality components, trucks, name brand wheels, and bearings. A $170skateboard comes completely assembled.

You can find better deals online. Although skate shops sell boards at higher prices, their main advantage is that you can ask the employees advice on which skateboard to choose.

What is the price of a customized skateboard?

A custom skateboard is designed according to your specifications. The cost of a customized skateboard ranges between $90 and $500. Customized skateboards are more expensive compared to the full package ones. The high price tag is because the materials you are getting for creating your skateboard are a whole new set. They haven’t been assembled yet. You are creating a skateboard from scratch using materials that match up to your taste.

Prices of different parts of a skateboard

As mentioned earlier, a skateboard comprises several parts. If you decide to buy the components separately or opt to make a customized skateboard, here is how much each part will cost you.


This is the most vital part of a skateboard. The deck is the part where you stand when riding the skateboard. A deck costs between $30 – $45, if you want to create a customized skateboard.


Trucks are vital components of a skateboard as they ensure your ride is smooth. Therefore, don’t even think about skimping on these parts. The cost of trucks is usually between $15 to $30.


A skateboard cannot be complete without wheels. How will you ride your skateboard without wheels? Three main things that determine the cost of wheels. These are the shape, size, and formula. The average cost of wheels is between $15 to $35.


Bearings are vital parts of your skateboard when you want your board to roll without having to push it constantly. If you like street skating, the smooth rolling of your skateboard is helpful. The price range of bearings is $18 to $140.


The bolts and locknuts make up the hardware. These parts connect the truck to the deck. When buying hardware, its price is fair for a set of 8. The cost of every set is $4 to $10. If you want to add graphics to your skateboard, every decal costs between $1 to $10. The cost of a decal depends on whether you’re buying a customized decal or a stock.

Specifications of skateboards

The deck of a skateboard comes in different widths, with a full size measuring 7.5” and higher, a mid-size measures 7.3”, a mini is 7”, and a micro measures 6.5”. Full sizes are created for people who are five feet tall and above. The mid-size is for people whose heights are between 54 and 60 inches.

Types of skateboards

The cost of a skateboard depends on its type.

The Common Trick Skateboard

The first image that comes to your mind when you think of skateboards is most likely the common trick skateboard. This skateboard is found in movies, X-Games, and with most teenagers. It’s a standard type of skateboard with a double-lipped deck that curves slightly up at both ends. Street skaters are the primary users of this board. The total price of buying a common trick skateboard is between $75 – $130. The trick skateboard comprises of trucks, wheels, decks, bearings, and hardware screws. If you want affordable skateboard, you can buy its components separately. The parts are easy to assemble. Purchasing the skateboard deck without its wheels or hardware attached on it will cost you between $40 – $80. Such a skateboard deck has good quality and is long-lasting. What tricks can you perform on a common skateboard?

  • Board slides
  • Ollies
  • 50-50 grinds
  • Shuv -Its

The Longboard

Longboards are skateboards created for cruising and transportation rather than tricks. Longboards are suitable for users of all ages. The design of a longboard mimics that of a surfboard, and its size is double that of the common trick skateboard. The skateboard deck of a longboard is larger compared to the common one, enabling it to hold wider trucks and bigger urethane wheels designed for grip and speed. Trick skateboards design focuses on their agility and precision. A brand-new longboard skateboard created by a reputable company costs between $130 – $250. You can get a longboard from Walmart at $100, however, remember, the price of a longboard determines its durability.

Differences between Common Trick Skateboard and Longboards

Common Trick Skateboard

  • It’s smaller in size and used on concrete at slower speeds.
  • It’s suitable for jumping stair sets, performing tricks, and jumping over ramps.
  • The sound of its wheels on pavements is louder than the longboard.
  • It’s not suitable for long-distance riding since it takes a toll on your legs. On the other hand, longboards are designed for long-distant rides.

Longboard Skateboard

  • It’s suitable for long-distance cruising using minimal effort.
  • The longboard moves quietly over pavements due to its larger and smoother wheels.
  • It’s too wide, heavy, and long preventing you from performing tricks.

Other types of skateboards

Old-school board

An old-school board features a flat nose and kicktails. It is asymmetrical with a broad nose. It sits close to the pavement, and its wheels are big. If you enjoy riding ramps and pools, an old-school board is an excellent option for you.


Similar to how there’s a longboard, there’s a shortboard. It’s the shortest form of skating boards and best for performing skateboard tricks.

Is a used skateboard a good option?

When trying to answer the question, how much does it cost for a good skateboard, you might consider getting a used one. A used skateboard is an ideal option if you want to have a feel of skateboarding. You can find decently used skateboards online for under $50 to $80.

A used skateboard is an excellent method of learning skateboarding at an affordable price. Practicing on a hand-me-down skateboard hones your technique and skills before you get a new one. Remember to take a used skateboard for a test ride before buying it. A hand-me-down skateboard may need a bit of repair or replacements of some parts. However, there are times when all the skateboard needs are a quick clean and tightening of the trucks, and the board will be as good as new.

Tips on saving money when purchasing a skateboard

Look out for discounts

Be on the lookout for discounts on skateboards, especially during holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Discounts are a good way to get good skateboards at an affordable price.

Get blank decks and gears

Blank gears and deck on a skateboard make the wheels and deck of the board without the company’s name or logo. Most of these parts are generally available in one color. However, if you want to save money, get decks and gears that are blank. They are more affordable compared to branded ones.

Know your specific needs

Before buying a skateboard, you should find out what you need. Do you want a skateboard for transportation or skateboarding tricks? Figuring out what you intend to use the skateboard keeps you from wasting money purchasing a board that won’t serve your desired purpose.

What is the verdict?

Having gone through all the specifications of skateboards, the types of boards, and the price of different parts, you want a definite answer on, how much does it cost for a good skateboard? The price of a well-rounded and durable brand-new skateboard is between $110 to $200. Whether your board will cost less or more than the estimated price depends on the factors we have listed for you.

Toby Bell

Toby Bell

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