E-Scooter vs Kick Scooter: Which Should You Buy?

Toby Bell11 May 2022

Looking for a more affordable option to go around?  Consider using a scooter as an alternative mode of transportation. It's simple to use, saves you money on gas, and is swift enough to go through traffic with ease. Electric and kick scooters are available on the market, and there are a huge variety of brands and designs to pick from.

The electric scooter versus the manual kick scooter debate is a common one for people who are looking for an alternative to gas-fueled vehicles. Depending on your personal preferences, the answer could amaze you.

Several factors must be considered when deciding between a kick scooter and an electric scooter. Using an electric scooter for long-distance commutes is a more environmentally friendly option than driving a car. A kick scooter, on the other hand, could be a better choice if your primary goal is something practical and simple to use.

Why Choose a Kick Scooter? 

A two-wheeled machine with handlebars and a platform on which the rider rests his feet is known as a kick scooter. Using only one foot to propel this scooter is the only way to get it going. Kick scooters are more fun and easy to ride than bikes. A kick scooter is an excellent way to get around while also getting some much-needed fresh air. 

Here are reasons why you should choose a kick scooter:


You won't need a lot of time or money to maintain a kick scooter. You may need to oil the headset and bearings, and occasionally tighten the bolts, as well as pump pneumatic tires. Depending on how you use and maintain your kick scooter, it can typically last you a long time.

Except for one exception, which is the battery, an electric scooter is very identical to a regular scooter. An electric scooter battery can last anywhere from one to three years. Depending on how you charge the battery and how you use the scooter, the battery life can vary greatly. Most e-scooter batteries last for 2 years and then require a replacement.

This means that when it comes to service and maintenance, the kick scooter wins the argument.

Ideal for Short Commutes

A kick scooter isn't the best mode of transportation for long distances because it requires a lot of leg power. Nevertheless, a kick scooter is significantly faster than walking for shorter trips like going to the store or the bus stop. If you need to travel longer distances, you could just fold your kick scooter and carry it on public transit until it's time to use it again.


There are no emissions emitted by kick scooters, making them entirely sustainable. Although electric scooters are better for the planet than gasoline-guzzling vehicles, they still require a certain amount of power to charge and run. In contrast, to get the kick scooter going, the rider only needs his stamina.

Free Exercise

Why waste time and money at the gym if you can do without it? Getting 30 minutes of exercise a day can be difficult for those who spend their days hunched over a computer. Physical activity is frequently neglected while juggling multiple commitments, including work, home, and other pursuits. Thus, having your private vehicle like a kick scooter is a convenient way to get in your daily exercise without even realizing it.

Despite their unassuming appearance, kick scooters can leave your legs feeling very sore after a long ride. You're not just exercising your thighs and glutes while riding a kick scooter, you're also strengthening your core.


A kick scooter is a fun and easy way to go around. Although it’s best to practice on a deserted street first, most individuals would quickly get the hang of using a kick scooter.

Why Choose an Electric Scooter? 

In appearance, an electric scooter is nearly identical to a kick scooter, but it has additional features that make it stand out. It is powered by a battery and comes with a throttle or a pedal that is used to accelerate. The rider does not have to exert any effort to reach the top speed of the vehicle. But if the battery is drained, you can no longer use the e-scooter.

Electric scooters tend to be heavier than kick scooters because of the electrical components they contain. However, with the development of new technologies, manufacturers are offering lightweight models.

Here are reasons why you should choose an electric scooter:


To make it easier to take an e-scooter up flights of stairs or onto public transportation, many electric scooters are now foldable. An electric scooter could easily be pushed into a building or folded. Electric scooters could also be readily stowed underneath a desk or leaned against a wall.


With electric scooters, safety features are a top priority. Electric scooters feature better brakes and lights than kick scooters since they are able to travel at significantly faster speeds. When riding an e-scooter, the rider benefits from greater braking performance and control due to the presence of both front and rear disc brakes, and also tires with good traction.


Speed is a big advantage of an electric scooter over the more traditional kick scooter. It is possible to go at speeds of up to 40mph on an electric scooter, whereas it is impossible to do so with a traditional kick scooter.

If you want a fast electric scooter, consider the range as well as the engine power. Fast electric scooters are excellent, but if they only have a 10-kilometer range, you'll have to charge them frequently.


Are you looking for a fun and convenient way to get to work each day? When using an electric scooter, the rider is required to do almost nothing. Electric scooters either have pedals or throttles to run the motorized vehicle. They also feature high-quality tires and suspension to reduce the impact on your body when riding over bumps.

Can You Use an Electric Scooter as a Kick Scooter? 

It's likely that your electric scooter's battery will die in the middle of your ride. The type of electric scooter you have will determine whether or not you can use it as a kick scooter. You could use the manual mode if your scooter is a dual or hybrid model. If it's not and what you have is a standard electric scooter, you shouldn't use it manually as it could damage the e-scooter's wheel bearing.

One distinction between an e-scooter and a kick scooter is how they operate. Electric scooters are powered by a motor and a battery. A kick scooter, on the other hand, demands the rider to exert physical effort. Ultimately, whether you buy a kick scooter or an electric scooter is a matter of personal preference.

Toby Bell

Toby Bell

Toby, a skating fanatic, has recently switched his skateboarding passion into an e-everything passion. E-skateboards, and e-scooters are his new love, and he wanted to share that love with anyone interested.

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