Are Electric Scooters Faster Than Bikes?

Toby Bell16 Apr 2022

Many years ago, those who didn't own a car had limited choices when it comes to transportation. Most would walk, ride a bike, or take public transit if they had access to it. But these days, there are a lot of options when it comes to going from point A to B, including electric scooters. Since e-scooters are fun and simple to use, people commuting to work on their e-scooters have risen in popularity in recent years. 

On the other hand, practically all of us learned to ride a bike when we were kids. Most recall their first bike fondly, and they do so with joyous, unfettered childhood memories. For some, bike riding never ends and remains an integral part of their lives, including bike commuting wherever they need to go.

Since the birth of motorized cars, speed has been the single attribute that most are fascinated with. It's a feature that could make or break a newly released automobile on the market. In general, any mode of transport's highest speed was just as essential fifty years ago as it is today. Electric scooters have become very significant over the past years and many are even comparing them to bicycles. So should you ride an e-scooter or a bike? And which is faster?

The E-Scooter Versus Bike Debate

As congested streets and severe air pollution become more of a worry,  shifting away from automotive infrastructure is essential, and many cities are implementing additional bike lanes and zero-emission zones while simultaneously focusing on public transportation and personal electric vehicles as a solution. So it's hardly surprising that bikes, as well as electric scooters, are increasing faster than ride-hailing did at its height. But which should you go for? Electric scooters or bikes?

Electric Scooter

Electric scooters seem to be an emblem of contemporary urban transportation and can be seen in major cities like Paris and San Francisco. The trend appears to be moving in a positive direction, with many opting to use e-scooters for their daily commute. 

Here are reasons why you should use an e-scooter:

E-Scooters are Environment-Friendly Climate change is the defining geopolitical issue of our time. Electric scooters are one of the global leaders in the collective pursuit of more eco-friendly ways to travel and lower emissions. They are good for the planet's air quality since they require less power and produce no pollutants. It's impossible to find a better mode of transportation that is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly than an electric scooter.

E-Scooters are Compact and Lightweight Electric scooters are possibly the most convenient means of powered private transport, only rivaled by folding bikes. Many would want to use assisted transportation, but find it to be too complex and costly to use. If you want to ride a motorcycle, you'll need a driver's license and insurance. Although push bikes are great, they must be left tied up outside and are therefore vulnerable to theft, and are also far too huge to be considered genuinely portable. As they are lightweight and foldable, electric scooters could be easily stored and transported. As though you were carrying a suitcase, you can easily drag it along wherever you go. Whenever you need to use it, all you have to do is unfold it and you're ready to go.

E-Scooters are Safe Scooters have the potential to be a safer means of transportation compared to bikes. For starters, if you anticipate an accident, you could just walk off the road. Though you do have immediate access to a brake, electric scooters can be practical and exciting, they provide you adequate control to ensure your safety.


Manually covering significant kilometers every day might seem like a huge commitment, but a daily bike ride is not only doable, but it also greatly impacts your life. Riding a bike could be more than just a pleasant childhood hobby or an ecologically friendly way to get around. There are several reasons to pick biking as your form of transportation.

Here are some of them:

Bicycles are a Fun Way to Get Around Biking to get around is simply enjoyable. You may fondly recall wonderful childhood memories of riding your bike around your neighborhood, longing for those days when you were so carefree amid the demands of your adult life. Bike commuting lets you have that sense of delight in your everyday routine. As you ride, you can soak in your surroundings, listen to the sounds of birds chirping or even wave to passing riders. Riding a bike is so freeing and fun that before you know it, you've reached your destination wishing your commute was longer.

Bikes Don't Burn Gas Bike commuting saves you money in the long run. Petrol and diesel are expensive in most countries, and price fluctuations could have a massive impact on your budget. Bikes don't burn gas so not only are you saving the environment, you save some bucks too.

Bikes Keep You Fit Being active in the fresh air and working your lungs and muscles is better for you than sitting in a car. Biking is healthy for you, plain and simple. Research also shows that bike commuting also improves your mood.  The brain chemicals that make you joyful are stimulated by riding a bike. As a bonus, spending time outside also enhances your intake of Vitamin D, which may help you sleep better at night. Overall, riding is a great way to improve your overall health and well-being.

Are Electric Scooters Faster Than Bikes?

Electric scooters outperform bikes in terms of speed. While low-cost e-scooters cannot achieve high speeds, higher-end scooters could reach peak speeds of 50 km/h or even 100 km/h, which is several times the highest speed of a bike. Bicycle speeds vary based on the rider's fitness, but in general, the average speed for bike commuters is only 18-29 km/h.

With new technological advancements and the imminent threat of climate change, there is an ever-increasing need to transform the way we travel around our cities, and bikes and e-scooters could be part of the solution. Riding a bike is preferable for you if you have greater distances to travel, enjoy exercising, and plan to ride on more than smooth city streets. It also helps that cycling infrastructure is already in place which makes it safe and convenient for bike commuters to get around. But, if you want a simple, effortless, and less expensive way to travel from A to B in the city and intend to ride shorter distances, an electric scooter is the way to go. Whichever mode of transport you choose between these two, know that every ride you take will help to make the planet cleaner and better.

Toby Bell

Toby Bell

Toby, a skating fanatic, has recently switched his skateboarding passion into an e-everything passion. E-skateboards, and e-scooters are his new love, and he wanted to share that love with anyone interested.

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